Nomadic Expeditions Reviews
“Our entire trip was amazing…from the camel ride to the Khongoryn Els to looking at the petrogylphs to just hanging out at the Three Camel Lodge. Also the pumpkin soup at Three Camel Lodge was excellent.”
N. Donohue, 2015

“loved the tent camp, camel ride, Yohl Valley hike, Three Camels lodge. It was a chance to move through the world at a slower pace in a beautiful setting.”
J. Clifford, 2015

“It was all my favorite. Crossing into UB is a great way to plan the adventure as it limits what needs to be taken to other parts of Mongolia. Holding discussions with the drivers while up in Lake Hovsgol will be remembered, as it was quite special. Also seeing the professionals perform at the theater in UB was the icing on the cake.”
N. Turner, 2013

“The ger camps were my favorite part of our trip, particularly in Hovsgol. The incredible beauty and serenity of the place, as well as the opportunities to meet and interact with local people through our drivers and visits to nearby families, was unforgettable.”
M. Stern, 2013

“Visiting the Mongolian families in their gers was the most interesting. Experiencing the lifestyle of a true Mongolian family was eye opening. Additionally, the horse ride across they valley filled with flowers and the steppes and the subsequent dinner in the evening in the tents was exceptional.”
M. McCabe, 2013

“Saruul was extremely nice and competent. We were lucky to have her considering her knowledge of the culture, history, customs, and her professionalism. It was very interesting to talk with her about the way people in Mongolia lived and how the country is developing. She always made us feel comfortable in all situations and was very understanding of our needs. She was certainly one of the highlights of our trip.”
V. Iodice, 2013

“Mongolia, the whole of it, is an amazing place. I wouldn’t be able to mention one place over another as they all have their own charm. I have wonderful memories of the country, every single bit is wonderful and I cherish it.”
O. Mallo, 2013

“Nomadic Expeditions was very obliging in organizing an excellent tour for us and we really enjoyed It.”
E. Foster, 2013