Are you a family looking to explore the world together? We offer family-friendly trips with just the right mix of adventure, history, and cultural opportunities. Meet families from remote corners of the earth, explore the beautifully-scenic regions of Lake Hovsgol and the majestic Gobi Desert, ride horses, kayak, and hike.  These are just a few of the exciting activities that await you in the heart of Mongolia, the Land of the Endless Blue Sky!

The following pages contain samples of possible itineraries for a family adventure. Each is customizable according to the family’s needs and expectations, and additional itineraries are available upon request. To book a family journey please contact our expedition specialists.

Sample Family Trips:

Family Time in the Orkhon Valley and the Gobi

Family Time in the Orkhon Valley and the Gobi

A mind-bending exploratory expedition for little adventurers and adults alike, this trip includes cultural experiences within the ancient capital of…Learn More

Family Time in the Gobi: Kids and Kamels

Family Time in the Gobi Kids and Kamels

A family vacation like no other, this action-packed Mongolian journey leads from the dinosaur halls of Ulaanbaatar’s Natural History Museum…Learn More

Family Time at Lake Hovsgol: Kids, Kayaks & Horses

Family Time at Lake Hovsgol

On this exciting family expedition, kids and parents with a love of the outdoors can explore the pristine beauty of…Learn More

Family Fun: Hovsgol National Park and the Gobi

Family Fun Hovsgol National Park and the Gobi

Featuring two of Mongolia’s most magnificent natural wonders – Lake Hovsgol National Park and the Gobi Desert – this trip…Learn More