Are you a family looking to explore the world together? We offer family-friendly trips with just the right mix of adventure, history, and cultural opportunities. Meet families from remote corners of the earth, explore the beautifully-scenic regions of Lake Hovsgol and the majestic Gobi Desert, ride horses, kayak, and hike.  These are just a few of the exciting activities that await you in the heart of Mongolia, the Land of the Endless Blue Sky!

The following pages contain samples of possible itineraries for a family adventure. Each is customizable according to the family’s needs and expectations, and additional itineraries are available upon request. To book a family journey please contact our expedition specialists.

Sample Family Trips:

Family Time in the Orkhon Valley and the Gobi

Family Time in the Orkhon Valley and the Gobi

A mind-bending exploratory expedition for little adventurers and adults alike, this trip includes cultural experiences within the ancient capital of Kharakhorum, a visit to Turkish monuments, relaxing hot springs, and overnight stays in gers. Visiting families will experience the thrill of the Gobi’s unusual desert landscapes, including the Flaming Cliffs, Moltsog Els and the verdant… Learn More

Family Time in the Gobi: Kids and Kamels

Family Time in the Gobi Kids and Kamels

A family vacation like no other, this action-packed Mongolian journey leads from the dinosaur halls of Ulaanbaatar’s Natural History Museum to the wide open steppe of Gun Galuut Nature Reserve, before heading south into the legendary Gobi Desert, where fossils and dinosaur eggs were unearthed by the 20th century’s most daring explorers. Parents and children… Learn More

Family Time at Lake Hovsgol: Kids, Kayaks & Horses

Family Time at Lake Hovsgol

On this exciting family expedition, kids and parents with a love of the outdoors can explore the pristine beauty of Mongolia’s northernmost province, through activities including horseback riding, boating, kayaking, and hiking. Families share in the thrill of discovering the unspoiled natural splendor and nomadic way of life found on the shores of Lake Hovsgol… Learn More

Family Fun: Hovsgol National Park and the Gobi

Family Fun Hovsgol National Park and the Gobi

Featuring two of Mongolia’s most magnificent natural wonders – Lake Hovsgol National Park and the Gobi Desert – this trip offers families a special opportunity to share an unforgettable adventure. Discover the incredible scenery, diverse wildlife, ancient history, and traditional culture of Mongolia on a journey designed especially for families with young explorers, beginning in… Learn More