For an unforgettable outdoor adventure, join us on a trek through the magnificent Altai Mountains—located at the borders of Russia, China, and Mongolia. One of the last untouched wilderness areas of Asia, the stunning beauty of these peaks – Mongolia’s highest, with several reaching upwards of 14,000 feet – will be the backdrop of our journey.

Western Mongolia is still relatively unexplored, and this expedition offers active travelers a unique opportunity to trek among the region’s snow-capped mountains and camp beside pristine rivers and lakes. Highlights include trekking through the foothills of Tsambagarav Mountain, exploring the forests of Maraat Valley, and visiting peaceful Tolbo Lake. Traveling through this spectacular landscape affords travelers the opportunity to interact with local nomadic Kazakh families and experience the unique culture that has been preserved in this remarkable and isolated part of the world.



Day 1-2 Ulaanbaatar | Ulgii

This tour of Mongolia begins with your arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Fly to Ulgii the following day and drive to the campsite at the Khatuugiin River.

Day 3-4 Tsambagarav | Namarjin Valley | Tavan Belchir Gorge

Begin the trek towards the permanently snow-capped peak of Tsambagarav Mountain, passing through the stunning Namarjin Valley and Tavan Belchir Gorge.

Day 5-6 Tsambagarav | Har Asga Camp | Maraat Valley

Continue trekking Altai through the foothills of Tsambagarav Mountain, across glaciers, boulders and grassy hills, visiting Uuld and Kazakh families along the way.

Day 7-8 Had Uzuur Bridge | Tolbo Lake

After hiking down Bayan Gol Zuslan, complete the trek at Had Uzuur Bridge. The following day, drive to crystal clear Tolbo Lake, stopping to visit the homes of Uriankhai families whose culture and traditions have been preserved for centuries.

Day 9-10 Ulaanbaatar

Following a visit to a museum and mosque in Ulgii, return to Ulaanbaatar. Spend a day exploring Gandan Monastery, the National History Museum and the Zaisan Memorial. Enjoy an evening performance of throat singing.

Day 11 Departure