Travel to Tibet and join us on a journey to the “Roof of the World” and experience the spiritual, cultural, and artistic riches of Tibet. Explore the holiest sites of Lhasa, including the Potala Palace, before embarking on an overland adventure to some of the world’s most stunning temples and monasteries.

Highlights of this Asia tour include the tombs of Tibet’s first kings in the Yarlung Valley and the temples and stupas of Gyantse and Shigatse. Beginning and ending in Beijing, this journey is ideal for those who wish to experience some of the most spectacular and historically important destinations in Tibet and China. While visiting Tibet, we will attend the Saga Dawa Festival. Taking place on the full moon day, this festival celebrates Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment and often involves tsam dancing and the displaying of giant thangka paintings.



Day 1-2 Beijing | Lhasa

Being your tour of Asia in Beijing, and then fly to Gongkar Airport in Tibet. Drive to Lhasa, and spend the afternoon acclimating to the altitude.

Day 3-4 Gandan Monastery | Saga Dawa Festival | Lhasa

Visit Tibet and drive outside the city to the first Gelugpa [Yellow-Hat] monastery, Gandan, and visit the Golden Tomb of Tsongkhapa, the master and founder of the monastery. Return to Lhasa and experience the Saga Dawa Festival, which celebrates the enlightenment of the Buddha. Spend the following day visiting the most sacred sites of Lhasa, including Potala Palace and Jokhang, and sampling traditional Sichuan cuisine.

Day 5-6 Tsetang | Samye

Spend a day at Tsetang, exploring the breathtaking Yarlung Valley, the colossal tombs of Chongye and Trandruk Monastery. Visit beautiful Samye Monastery the following day.

Day 7-8 Gyantse | Shigatse

Travel to Gyantse to explore the Fortress of Gyantse and Zhalu Monastery. Spend the next day at Shigatse, visiting Tashilunpo Monastery and a local carpet factory.

Day 9-11 Lhasa

Drive to Lhasa and visit Drepung, once the world’s largest monastery at over 10,000 monks. Visit Sera Monastery and experience the resident monks’ exceptional Debating Courtyard. Tour Norbulingka Palace, the summer residence of the Dalai Lamas, during this final full day in Tibet.

Day 12 Lhasa | Beijing

Towards the end of this Tibet tour you will spend the morning in Barkhor Square, bargaining for turquoise jewelry, carpets, yak wool boots, and Tibetan fur hats before flying to Beijing in the afternoon.

Day 13 Departure