Bhutan is a fascinating and little-visited kingdom where the preservation of culture and traditions, as well as the stunning natural beauty of the Himalayas, has created a travel destination like no other. Touring Bhutan reveals an unforgettable landscape of forests, valleys, and snowy peaks where the last Tibetan Buddhist kingdom reveals its riches to the intrepid traveler.



Day 1 Welcome to Paro!

Paro provides a dramatic introduction to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. On a clear day there are spectacular views of Bhutan’s snowy peaks from the flight approaching Paro. 

Day 2 Paro | Thimphu 

Visit the National Museum and the 17th-century Paro Dzong. In the afternoon, drive to Thimpu.

Day 3 Thimpu

Visit the Chorten Memorial, as well as the School of Arts and Crafts and other museums, time permitting.

Day 4 Thimpu | Punakha

Drive to the fertile Punakha valley where you will explore the fortress now used as the winter seat of the Je Khenpo.

Day 5 Punakha | Wangdiphodrang | Phobjikha

Enjoy a scenic drive toward Gadgety before enjoying a visit with to a home in the local village.

Day 6 Phobjikha | Trongsa

Explore the Phobjikha Valley, designed as a conservation area by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature. Drive along the Chhu River to Trongsa.

Day 7 Trongsa | Bumthang

Visit the village of Tsugney, known for its traditional weaving practices, before visiting Jambay Lhakhang to witness the Mewang, or Fire Blessing.

Day 8 Bumthang

Here, in the holiest valley of Bhutan, hike to explore temples before seeing how modern Bhutanese make their living at small apple juice and cheese factories.

Day 9 Bumthang | Jambay Lhakgang Festival 

Watch the colorful mask dances and other festivities of the festival. 

Day 10 Bumthang | Paro 

Return to Paro by flight and explore Paro town. 

Day 11 Paro 

Spend the morning hiking to Taktsang Lhakhang, also known as Tiger’s Nest. 

Day 12 Departure