Join Nomadic Expeditions for a journey in 2017 to Mongolia to take part in the celebrations surrounding Ulaanbaatar’s Naadam Games! Explore the cliffs and canyons of the Gobi, cross the steppes in search of the world’s last wild horses, and discover the ruins of ancient cities and temples on this fascinating introduction to the people and culture of Mongolia!



Day 1-3 Ulaanbaatar | Hustain Nuruu National Park

Touring Mongolia begins in Ulaanbaatar, with shopping and a few hours’ rest after your long journey. Spend the following two days exploring Hustain Nuruu National Park, a beautiful area inhabited by the world’s last remaining wild horse—the takhi, or Przewalski’s Horse. Make various visits to local sites, including Gandan Monastery—seat of Buddhism in Mongolia—and the Great Khans Memorial.

Day 4-5 Kharakhorum | Ulaanbaatar

Travel to Kharakhorum and witness the stunning settings of the 13th-century capital of the Mongol Empire. Explore the Shankh Hiid and Erdene Zuu Monasteries and the banks of the Orkhon River, as well as Turkic monuments from the 8th century. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 6-7 The Ulaanbaatar Naadam Festival

Enjoy the thrills and excitement of the Naadam Festival’s wrestling, archery and horse racing competitions in the capital of Ulaanbaatar.

Day 8-11 Gobi Desert | Yol Valley | Gegeet Valley | Hongoryn Els | Tugrugiin Shiree | Flaming Cliffs

Fly to the Gobi, and enjoy visits to the verdant Yol Valley, the ‘singing’ sand dunes of Hongoryn Els, Tugrugiin Shiree – the site of the famed ‘Fighting Dinosaurs’ fossil find – and the Flaming Cliffs while staying at the Three Camel Lodge, our premier luxury ecolodge in the heart of the desert, and ger camps.

Day 12 Ulaanbaatar

Fly to Ulaanbaatar and discover the Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum – home of Mongolia’s final theocrat. Enjoy viewing some of his personal effects, and conclude your Mongolia tour with a traditional Mongolian musical and dance performance.

Day 13 Departure