Vladivostok | Khabarovsk | Ulaanbaatar | Ulan Ude | Lake Baikal | Irkutsk | Novosibirsk | Yekaterinburg | Kazan | Moscow

The diverse history and cultural complexities of Siberia and Mongolia are navigated in this exceptional Trans-Siberian Railway journey through some of the world’s most fascinating cities and landscapes. This extraordinary itinerary is not to be missed – from the military port of Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan to Lake Baikal and the imposing, intricate and beautiful facades of Moscow’s architectural wonders.



Day 1-2 Tour of Vladivostok | Board the Golden Eagle Luxury, Trans-Siberian Railway

Arrive in Vladivostok, a military port located on the western shores of the Sea of Japan. The ‘Ruler of the East,’ as it is translated, is home to the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet. Tour the principal attractions, including a World War Two submarine – before you depart for Khabarovsk.

Day 3-4 Khabarovsk | Onboard the Golden Eagle Luxury, Trans-Siberian Railway

The next day arrive in Khabarovsk, located 15 miles from the border with China. Visit this bustling city stretching along the banks of the Amur River, making a visit to the Yerofey Pavlovich Khabarov explorer’s memorial and the city’s impressive World War Two memorial. Spend the following day onboard the Golden Eagle learning more of the Russian language and conversing with fellow passengers while the wilds of Russia pass outside.

Day 5-6 Onboard the Golden Eagle Luxury, Trans-Siberian Railway | Ulaanbaatar

Spend today aboard the Golden Eagle, continuing to improve on your Russian and socializing with your fellow passengers. The following day pull into the station at Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia. Explore the seat of Buddhist activity for the region, Gandan Monastery, which houses over 500 monks, along with Sukhbaatar Square, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and the National Museum. Visit a local nomadic family and explore a ger – the traditional dwelling of the nomads.

Day 7-9 Ulan Ude | Lake Baikal | Irkutsk

Arrive in Ulan Ude, capital of the Buryat Republic, and explore its ethnic and cultural diversity. Tour the Old Believers’ Village, experience the culture and history of these deeply religious people, and enjoy a concert featuring local traditions and folk singing. Travel through the Lake Baikal area next, discovering the beauty of the oldest and deepest lake in the world and stopping to travel by boat to the small settlement of Listvyanka. The following day a tour of the city of Irkutsk includes the Volkonsky House Museum, dedicated to the memory of aristocrats exiled here after the failed Decembrist uprising of 1825, and a visit to a traditional Russian Dacha (summer house).

Day 10-11 Onboard the Golden Eagle Luxury, Trans-Siberian Railway | Novosibirsk

Unwind today aboard the train. The following day, experience Novosibirsk, a modern Soviet city that houses one of the most imposing and beautiful Opera Houses in the world.

Day 12-13 Yekaterinburg | Kazan

Founded in 1723 by Peter the Great, Yekaterinburg is the capital of the Urals. Site of the Cathedral-on-the-blood, built to commemorate the murder of Romanov Tsar Nicholas II and his family at the hands of the Bolsheviks, Yekaterinburg is host to some beautiful architecture and cultural sites. Arrive in Kazan the following day and visit the Kremlin Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with one of Kazan’s premier experiences: a private concert of Feodor Chaliapin’s (1873-1938) opera performances.

Day 14-15 Moscow

After traveling nearly 6,600 miles along the iconic railway, your journey ends in Moscow. Explore the incredible city with stops including the Kremlin, the Red Square, and St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Day 16 Departure