Join one of Nomadic Expeditions’ most exclusive trips and explore Mongolia, the “Roof of the World” and Tibet, the “Land of Blue Sky.” These fascinating countries, inaccessible to the world’s travelers until only recently, share a direct spiritual bond through their Buddhist heritage, and reward visitors with a wealth of artistic and cultural riches, unforgettable vistas, and warm hospitality.

This journey through Tibet and Mongolia begins in Beijing with a visit to the Forbidden City, the legendary Imperial Palace dating back to the Ming Dynasty of the 15th century. Continuing with a flight to Lhasa, one of the world’s most spiritual and breathtakingly scenic cities, explore splendid palaces and Buddhist monasteries, including historic Samye, built in the 8th century as the first monastery in Tibet.

The adventure continues with a tour of Mongolia, where the “Singing Sands” and Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi Desert await. Hike through Yol Valley National Park, an area rich in unusual flora and fauna, explore the towering sand dunes of Hongoryn Els, and spend an afternoon at the Flaming Cliffs, where the first nest of dinosaur eggs was unearthed in 1923.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1-2  Beijing | Forbidden City

Arrive in Beijing. The following day, explore the Imperial Palace known as the Forbidden City.

Days 3-6  Tsetang | Lhasa | Samye, Drepung & Sera Monastery

Fly to Lhasa and drive through the scenic valley of Yarlung to Tsetang. The following day, explore incredible Samye Monastery and its structural mandala. Tour Lhasa with visits to the Potala Palace, Barkhor market, and Norbulingka Palace. Travel to Drepung, Jokhang, and Sera Monasteries, as well as a local carpet factory.

Days 7-8  Beijing | Ulaanbaatar

Return to Beijing from Lhasa and fly to Ulaanbaatar the following day. Visit Mongolia’s National History Museum.

Days 9-12  Flaming Cliffs | Yol Valley | Tugrugiin Shiree | Hongoryn Els

Following a morning flight to the Gobi, explore the Yol Valley and the legendary paleontological site at the Flaming Cliffs. The magnificent Hongoryn Els sand dunes are an unforgettable highlight of the Gobi.

Day 13  Ulaanbaatar

Experience the culture of Mongolia’s vibrant capital with visits to Gandan Monastery and the Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum, followed by a traditional dance and throat singing performance in the evening.

Day 14  Departure

Trip Dates & Pricing

Aug 12, 2017 - Aug 25, 2017



$7,795 per person/double occupancy
Approximate Airfares for the below city pairs (subject to change):
Beijing – Lhasa – Beijing: $1,150 per person in economy class
Beijing – Ulaanbaatar: $500 per person in economy class
Ulaanbaatar – Gobi – Ulaanbaatar: $300 per person

Single Supplement: