We have a world view at Nomadic Expeditions and it’s not just because we help travelers see the world. We founded our company nearly 25 years ago with a two-pronged philosophy. Our idea was to bring the curious and the adventurous to Mongolia to see its vast, untouched beauty, but we didn’t stop there. We wanted our approach to be about lasting positive impact. We didn’t just want travelers to see Mongolia; we wanted them to feel it, understand it, and treasure it. It’s why we gave back with our very first traveler. Since our first trip, we’ve given back in many ways, especially in the Gobi Desert, where our Three Camel Lodge was built. We planted trees to help avoid deforestation. We rebuilt the well for the area’s locals and nomads who water their herds here (and provide some fascinating people-watching – if you’ve ever been, you know what we mean). We support education on all levels, from sponsoring the local school’s volleyball team to supporting music programs that teach the youngest about preserving their cultural heritage. And speaking of preservation, we’ve also established a scholarship at the paleontology department of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. This not only honors the late Dr. Baramgarav, with whom we worked for many years, but it also supports future paleontologists in their search for history.






We continue to support a variety of nonprofits and organizations in their efforts to protect and preserve Mongolia and its treasures, but the thing about a world view is that to be truly worldly, sometimes you have to look in your own backyard. Help is needed everywhere. It’s why we have supported the Children’s Tumor Foundation for many years. Lara Mukabenov, our wonderful jill-of-all-trades in our New Jersey headquarters, is a true force to be reckoned with. She can simultaneously juggle a million different projects and manage it all with a smile, but her warm smile hides a personal struggle. This mom of two fights each and every day to find effective treatment, and some day a cure, for her ten-year-old daughter’s rare condition, Neurofibromatosis Type 1, a genetic disorder that cause tumors to grow on the nerve sheath anywhere in the body. Lara is a tireless supporter of the Children’s Tumor Foundation. She is a member of the Volunteer Leadership Council, sits on the committee for the Philadelphia NF walk, and most recently, she serves as the fundraising chair for the Central Jersey NF walk/run. We support her and her daughter and hope that a cure is within reach.

Write us and tell us how you help at home and afar and you could win a $200 discount off your next booking with Nomadic Expeditions.

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