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Best COVID Travel Destinations 2022: 10 Reasons Mongolia Is Top of the List

Best COVID Travel Destinations 2022: 10 Reasons Mongolia Is Top of the List

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Best COVID Travel Destinations 2022: 10 Reasons Mongolia Is Top of the List

As travel begins to open up across the globe, nowhere is it more open than the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky. The land made legend by figures such as Chinggis Khan and Marco Polo is a storied realm full of cultural treasures. In the terrain of Mongolia’s rugged mountains, vast fertile steppe, and otherworldly Gobi Desert—you will find a beauty unique to only the wildest places on Earth. And by virtue of that expansive landscape, it is one of the most naturally COVID-safe destinations in the world.

Nomadic Expeditions has been leading world-class journeys throughout Mongolia since 1992—sustainable travel spearheaded by our Founder and CEO Jalsa Urubshurow, a pioneer in environmental conservation through sustainable tourism. Our infrastructure and expertise in the country has not only set a path for eco-travel to flourish here, it provides unrivaled authenticity and exclusivity throughout your Mongolia adventures.

Travelers here are spoiled with endless options for adventure. Horseback riding across fertile steppe. Camel trekking over seas of Gobi dunes. Hiking to visit nomadic reindeer herders. Digging for dinosaur bones throughout escarpments of rich with fossils. Learning falconry from the Kazakh eagle hunters of western Mongolia who have trained and hunted with the massive raptors for a millennium. Camel trekking across seas of hypnotic dunes. Riding Mongolian horses in the footsteps of the long-ago Silk Road trade route. Paddling the “dark blue pearl” of utterly pristine Lake Hovsgol. Staying in luxuriously appointed traditional gers (yurts) and meeting local families of Mongolia’s eminently hospitable nomadic people.

Yet these are always true of Mongolia. What makes this enchanting destination so unique at this time is its natural COVID-safety and accommodating guidelines in place to ensure travelers a safe and hassle-free journey.

Top 10 Reasons Mongolia Is Top COVID Travel Destination in 2022

84.6% Vaccination Rate
With 84.6% of the population fully vaccinated, Mongolia has a higher vaccinated rate than the United States (64.8%)—making it considerably safe to visit.

No Quarantine Period
Travelers do not need to quarantine upon arrival in Mongolia. Arriving in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, you can transfer directly to your hotel or embark on your itinerary.

No Testing Upon Arrival
Guests to Mongolia also need not be tested for COVID-19. Our country has achieved the threshold of vaccination to not require such measures.

Low Case Numbers
COVID-19 infections have fallen dramatically over the past month, to fewer than a thousand per day for the entire country. From the beginning of the pandemic, Mongolia has seen low numbers and high, swift recovery.

Wide Open Spaces
Our low COVID numbers is due in no small part to the openness of the country. It is a land of alpine peaks, fertile steppe, gorgeous desert, and people who hold the earth sacred.

Outdoor Adventure
Upon leaving the capital, most activities that engage you in enjoying Mongolia are outdoors—sightseeing, hiking, trekking, biking, paddling, horseback riding, camel trekking—even dining al fresco.

Private Lodgings
Most accommodations in the countryside are ger lodges of individual suites without common corridors or closed hallways. So guests are free to be at their leisure with no concern of sharing close spaces.

Flexible Terms & Conditions
We understand that travel in these times can be touch and go. And so Nomadic Expeditions offers flexible options so you can book with confidence.

Destination Experts Fast-Track Checkpoints
Our destination experts and guides are able to fast-track checkpoints for guests, so you spend minimal time passing through security and customs.

Travel Supports Our Community Initiatives
Your journey to Mongolia with Nomadic Expeditions supports our sustainability initiatives throughout the country—from conservation of the Golden Eagle to restoring the population of the endemic Bankhar Mastiff.