Chandos Collective breathed new life into a 6,000 sq ft family home. The challenge: blending the homeowners’ beloved antique pieces with a youthful take on traditional aesthetic. With her exquisite touch, Chandos transformed this classic home, using its existing charm as a foundation for whimsical elements, custom wallpapers, and impactful lighting. The resulting interiors beautifully weave together the old and the new, making a striking statement in modern traditionalist design.

Chandos Gestured Formal Living Room
Chandos Gestured Accented Hallway

Where Antiquity Meets Modernity

Chandos Gestured Antique Console Art
Chandos Gestured Formal Dining Room China Cabinet


John Alexander

Blue Irises (On My Pond), 1984
Oil on canvas 

Chandos Gesture Blue Dining Room

“Gestured stands out as a testament to the timeless beauty of tradition, reimagined.”

– Chandos Dodson Epley


Michelle Prazak

Estabilizacion4, 2019
Oil and acrylic on canvas and jute

Chandos Gestured Michelle Prazak Estabilizacion Art Wide
Chandos Gestured Breakfast Dining
Chandos Gestured Formal Living Room Dorothy Hood Red that Sings Art Detail
Chandos Gestured Formal Living Room Console
Chandos Gestured Powder Room Detail
Chandos Gestured Master Bedroom
Chandos Gestured Guest Room Shane Tolbert Romance Art
Chandos Gestured Master Closet
Chandos Gestured Master Bedroom Nightstand
Chandos Gestured Guest Room Full Wallcovering