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mongolia-red-cliffs-scaled Witness Nomadic Life Firsthand on a Group Mongolia Tour Mongolia Group Journeys Earmark your travel budget this year for the trip of a lifetime — a truly unforgettable luxury Mongolia tour. Nomadic Expeditions arranges private tours and group journeys to this amazing location isolated from the world for so many years.

Why Mongolia?

Mongolia is an uncommonly beautiful destination. Home to a plateau, mountains, deserts, steppes, lakes and basins, this country is one of the few left in the world in which nomadic traditions are still a way of life.

On a group journey to Mongolia, you will get to witness nomadic herders on the move across the country, along with many other fascinating local and cultural traditions.



May - October




Ulaanbaatar (ULN)

Group Mongolia Tours

On our Mongolia expeditions, our group sizes range from 4-14. Selecting a group Mongolia tour gives travelers many advantages. First, you can save money on your trip because the cost is spread throughout the group.

Another advantage of traveling in a group for a Mongolia tour is that you can meet new people and make lifelong friendships. Traveling is, in itself, a richly rewarding experience, and when you couple it with being part of a group tour, you simply increase your opportunities for enrichment.

What Do You Do on a Group Mongolia Expedition?

Our group Mongolia tours target some specific experiences, such as the Naadam Festival and the Golden Eagle Festival, but they all include certain Mongolian must-sees, such as the breathtaking scenery.

While on a group tour of Mongolia, you will stay in a traditional ger, a temporary, portable, round structure. Gers are made of latticework and covered with felt and white canvas. On your luxury Mongolia tour, your ger will be furnished with a bed and other comforts of home.

These structures, used for millennia, are amazingly ingenious. They can be put up or taken down in a half-hour and the pieces loaded onto a camel for transport to the next location. About half of the population of Mongolia still live in gers, which help keep inhabitants warm in winter and cool in summer.

The Mongolian nomads move around the pastures, meadows and grasslands with herds of sheep, goats, horses, camels and cattle. On your chosen tour, you may ride a camel across sand dunes in the Gobi Desert or a horse across the plateau as part of your pre-planned trek.


Best Mongolia Tour Operator

When you choose an exotic destination such as Mongolia to travel to, you want a proven, experienced tour operator you can trust. Nomadic Expeditions has been running luxury Mongolia tours since 1992 and has won many awards from top travel corporations and publications.

We are known as the best Mongolia tour operator in the U.S., not only because of the amazing experiences we provide to travelers, but also because of our commitment to sustainable tourism. We put every effort into not impacting the environment in any way on our Mongolia tours, and we provide a reliable and valuable source of income for the locals via jobs and training.

Start planning your Mongolia tour with Nomadic Expeditions today.