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sacred-summits-featured-full-1500-x-566 Travel Your Way on a Private Mongolia Tour Mongolia Private Journeys Plan a luxury Mongolia tour and experience the beauty, traditions and culture of a nation that is one of the last in the world to support a nomadic economy and lifestyle. Nomadic Expeditions offers group and private Mongolia tours for travelers wishing to steep themselves in today’s version of this ancient culture.

The Draw of Mongolia

For centuries, Mongolia was essentially isolated from the world, landlocked in between deserts and mountains in northern Asia. Except for a period of Soviet influence during the 20th century, Mongolian traditions and culture have been upheld throughout this people’s existence.

Visitors to this welcoming nation get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, including lush green steppes, towering mountains, icy blue lakes and seemingly endless arid deserts. Travel by horseback, camel, foot or vehicle, but don’t miss any part of this amazing landscape.



May - October




Ulaanbaatar (ULN)

Private Mongolia Tours

Whether you’re traveling solo, as part of a couple or with your entire extended family, you want to make your trip count. While group Mongolia tours have their advantages, a private tour means you get to see everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Our tour operators meet with you to discuss your expectations for your trip, then they custom design a vacation based exclusively on your specifications. Because our guides have so many years of experience creating and leading Mongolia tours, we can offer you suggestions for enhancing your private Mongolia expedition that you may otherwise have been unaware of.

Gobi Tours in Mongolia

The Gobi Desert is on most everyone’s list of places to see when they choose a Mongolia tour. Make your way across endless sand dunes on your own personal camel, led by a local knowledgeable tour guide. See the Flaming Cliffs, so named for their bright red appearance in the Gobi Desert sun.

Despite Mongolia’s cool climate, it enjoys more sunny and clear days per year than almost any other country in the world, so you can expect good weather when you travel.

Luxury Mongolia Tours

More than half of Mongolians still live in gers (round structures that are easily dismantled and moved), and during your stay on your private Mongolia tour, you will too.

Gers have been used for millennia by this nomadic tribe, due to their easy portability and the short time it takes to erect them and take them down again. The internal structure is made of latticework and then

covered with felt and canvas. Gers are resistant to high winds and keep occupants warm in winter and cool in summer.

Your entire private party can stay in gers situated right next to each other to make visiting and consulting about travel plans easy.


Best Mongolia Tour Operator

Talk to us about your hopes for your Mongolia tour. Would you like to see Hovsgol National Park? Demonstrations of falconry? Dinosaur fossils? Just tell us and we’ll make it happen for you. Nomadic Expeditions’ goal is to show our clients Mongolia in all its glory. Your private luxury Mongolia tour will be the trip of a lifetime.