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January/February 2014

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Small-cat safari
As safaris go, tracking endangered snow leopards in the mountains of Mongolia, sleeping in the gers of local tribes, and traveling in the company of World Wildlife Fund biologists define ambition.

March/April 2014

Escape Enlightened Explorer

For the True Adventurer...The Three Camel Lodge, an award-winning ecolodge in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, combines a one-of-a-kind cultural adventure with superb service.

Spring 2014

Where the Wild Things Were

Joe Rohde

Snow leopards have never been known to kill a human. So I felt perfectly safe on a chilly morning following the fresh tracks of three snow leopards up through icy mountains to their dens. I ended up sitting in an absent leopard's perch to sketch the painting that became "The Snow Leopard's View."

September 9, 2013

Mongolia: Pristine beauty in the "Land of the Eternal Blue Sky"

Patricia Schultz

There are few places of undisturbed beauty left on this earth, where the inroads of tourism are still nascent and the guarantee of adventure comes free of risk (and WiFi). Mongolia is one such place.

August 2013

Top Travel Specialists

Wendy Perrin

Who can snag you a room at the fully booked Hotel Salto Chico in Patagonia over New Year's? One of Perrin's people can, that's who!

June/July 2013

25 Wild Nights

Costas Christ

Become one with nature (without the sleeping bag and cold showers) at these top ecolodges.

May 2013

Tours of a Lifetime

Based on the 1920s expeditions of Roy Chapman Andrews - American Museum of Natural History director and the alleged inspiration for Indiana Jones - this journey traces the Beijing-Kalgan-Urga trail, used for centuries by camel caravans between China and Mongolia.

January 2013

Interview with Jalsa Urubshurow

Jalsa Urubshurow of Three Camel Lodge

November 2012

No Shoes, No News

Addicted to your smartphone? We've scoured the earth to find eight tech-free destinations that force you to unplug and finally get some peace of mind.

July/August 2012

Go Green

Making the world a better place, one trip at a time.

February 2012

For the Adventurer

Mongolia: Adventure Mongolia, Nomadic Expeditions; 800-998-6634, nomadic

February 2011

For the Pull-Out-All-the-Stops Pure Adrenaline Rush

Brave the Elements in Mongolia.
Explore the boundless Gobi Desert just as Marco Polo and Roy Chapman Andrews did - by foot and by camel.