Chandos Dodson Epley


Design Roots

Chandos Dodson Epley is the principal and founder of Chandos Collective. Chandos’ stylistic range was born out of a childhood steeped in art and antiques, with summers spent trawling antique fairs in the UK and art studies completed in Italy. After honing her craft at several AD100 firms in New York City, Chandos returned home to bring elevated, artful living to Houston and beyond.

For over 20 years, Chandos has led her interior design teams with a steadied approach, leading her eponymous firm to tremendous growth spanning residential design, art, and development. Armed with a keen eye and storied background, Chandos is the ultimate editor, pulling together a rich blend of old and new to create sophisticated interiors rooted in history.

A Visionary Approach

Chandos Collective is the culmination of years of experience and a dedication to interior design excellence. Expanding beyond interior residential design and architecture, we offer art consulting, custom furnishings, and home development. As a Creative Director, Chandos brings visionary leadership and meticulous craftsmanship to every project. With a focus on bespoke design and craftsmanship, we believe in the power of thoughtfully curated details to create timeless homes that resonate with our clients for years to come.

“An appreciation of the past has been ingrained in me since childhood. I spent summers scouring London antique stalls and markets with my mother. It was there that I developed an affinity for Chinese porcelains, Boulle, tortoise shell and more…”

Art Expertise

In 2011, Chandos founded C2 Art—a full-service firm specializing in investment-level art—to guide clients through the process of buying, selling, and living with art. Collaborating with her team of experts at C2, Chandos has made art a focal point in her designs, layering color, history, movement, and dimension into every room, championing livable interiors that enhance the art experience.

“Art is the heartbeat of a home; it is a living and breathing entity that weaves together the spaces in a unified and timeless way.”

Better Together

Chandos engages an entrepreneurial drive to assemble the best team and partners to deliver for her clients. Whether designing just the right details with her workroom on a custom piece or engaging with her team of art experts to gain access to sought-after artists, Chandos leads with a quiet confidence that is admired by both her clients and collaborators.

“We only work with professional partners at the top of their fields in designing lighting, cabinetry, millwork, etc. I’ve been working with many of them for decades, so I truly see them as an extension of the Chandos Collective family. Our success is intertwined.”