Nomadic Expeditions

Mongolian with eagle

Spirit of Adventure

Spirit of Adventure

Mongolian with eagle

Spirit of Adventure

The Curiosity of the Traveler

There isn’t one word that describes the mix of emotions and gyrations of the mind that cause us to conceive and participate in travel with a capital “T.” This is travel that varies far from our ordinary haunts, travel that has little in common with the daily commute or the normal business trip. This is travel that reshapes our viewpoint, that opens new doors and brings understanding about things we never knew existed. Travel that changes us.

Nomadic Kazakh hunters known as burkitshi use eagles to catch foxes and other prey in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains. Depending on the season and your timing, you might be able to see them.

Whatever it is called, the spirit is alive and well at Nomadic Expeditions. The excitement and the anticipation of travel is as strong a ever. The urge is powerful and we heed its call. We organize and guide journeys to Mongolia, Bhutan, China (Tibet), Nepal and India. We cater to those interested in seeing something rare. We have experience planning and conducting adventure tours for 25 years.

International travel today is not best done on a casual whim. How can crowded aircraft cabins, food served on plastic trays and long lines be worth the suffering and high cost? There must be something to justify all the trouble, a call beckoning us into the unknown. There’s a voice as old as mankind calling for our attention. It is almost a genetic longing to taste new flavors, see new places and meet the people living in places we couldn’t imagine before being there.

The spirit of adventure behind great exploration is the root of the spirit that calls us today. Marco Polo, Magellan, Columbus and all the other explorers share it. Recognize it in yourself? It is the deep calling from the ages. Experienced travelers know it when they hear it.

The world of exploration is different than in the past. We now have engines and turbines, accurate maps and Google. We can be transported over huge distances in short amounts of time, journeys are not measured in years or even months. In two long days of travel you can be standing at the edge of the Gobi Desert or sitting with a monk in Bhutan for a meditation or looking out the window of a small plane at the highest mountain on earth.

Let the spirit run freely in your veins, let your dreams come to life. Travel to faraway places, smell fresh breezes, see secret mountains and ancient monastaries. Discover what was hidden behind the ranges and let your soul touch the unknown. This is the magic of the traveler’s journey.

We’ll find an itinerary to match those dreams and take you to places where that spirit of adventure lives on. Take the first step today, join us.

“Something Hidden. Go and find it
Go and look behind the range
Something lost behind the range
Lost and waiting for. Go!”
Rudyard Kipling