This new build residential space exudes elegance and sophistication with a modern edge. Chandos Interiors, in collaboration with architect Ryan Gordan and builder Goodchild Builders, crafted a design that marries refinement with rawness, resulting in a multi-faceted sense of beauty. The interiors showcase a mix of styles, blending elegance and comfort. Notable highlights include custom doors and millwork, captivating artwork, and a stunning hand-painted peacock in the formal powder room. Striation is a testament to Chandos’ ability to create unique and visually captivating spaces.


Sebastian Black

Pink Blink, 2013
Oil on linen

“With a fusion of modern elegance and industrial sophistication, we curated a design that pushes boundaries and creates a truly unique home. Every detail showcases our dedication to creating visually captivating and inviting spaces.”

–Chandos Dodson Epley


Rick Lowe

Untitled – 2020
Acrylic on canvas