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Sustainable Tourism Leadership Award

Sustainable Tourism Leadership Award

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We are proud and honored to be nominated for the 2019 Virtuoso Sustainable Tourism Awards. Nomadic Expeditions has been ambitious in implementing sustainable tourism practices since our inception in 1992.

Some of our “green operations” have been successfully eliminating 100% of single use plastic water bottles from all our tour operations in Mongolia, as well as in all our camps and lodges, including during daily guest excursions. Additionally, we divert the waste from going to landfill (including paper, all locally produced beer and soft drink bottles and cans) and we compost food waste. We proudly donate all our old lodge furniture and field equipment (tents, chairs, etc.) to local families and to local schools to enrich the lives of local communities.

Our company engages in energy conservation efforts and use energy sparingly. In our camps and Nomadic Expeditions’ owned lodge, we have a solar array that produces energy for 100% of all lighting in 40 guest accommodations. In addition, 100% of our lighting is LED.

Our company takes pride in giving back to the local communities and maximizing social and economic benefits in the areas we travel. All the furnishings and decorative accents in our lodge and our camps were made by local artists and we focus on supporting the local economy in all that we do. for the support of our friends and fellow travelers on our payroll who we pay full time salaries, 12 months a year, than any other tour company in Mongolia despite our short season.

In 2018, we made a direct contribution in the amount of $41,000 USD to cultural preservation projects in Mongolia. One of the key projects was a sponsorship of ten local herder students interested in learning traditional music and their two teachers to participate in the International Music Festival in Turkey. We also provided free room nights to the Arts Council of Mongolia and the State Horsehead Fiddle Ensemble.

Our founder, Jalsa Urubshurow, is a pioneer in cultural heritage preservation through sustainable tourism in Mongolia: He helped to save the ancient Kazakh tradition of training with Golden Eagles from vanishing and co-founded the Golden Eagle Festival, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019, during which Nomadic Expeditions will also be honored for their role in protecting this important heritage for future generations.

In social and economic objectives, we are especially proud of our company’s strong track record in hiring, training and empowering local people, and particularly women, into leadership roles in our company. All our purchasing and contracting decisions are also guided by the principle of supporting local people and their families, small business owners and vendors who are selling locally made goods. As we look towards the future and grow as a company, we make it our purpose to enrich lives, conserve the habitat, and make a difference in the areas in which we travel. We hope to make more of an impact year after year, and we are continuously grateful for the support of our friends and fellow travelers.