Does meeting the three-time champion (pictured above) of the Golden Eagle Festival and learning his tricks of the trade pique your interest? What about mastering the art of calligraphy or crafting the traditional musical instrument, the morin khuur? And those kids who won’t even put away their shoes at home? They’ll jump right into chores when you visit the nomadic family’s ger. Our Ultimate Family Journey to Mongolia isn’t just about seeing a place; it’s about living, breathing, and feeling it, too.

Of course, you will see some unforgettable places. Spend a day in bustling Ulaanbaatar before heading out to the remote Altai Mountains, home of the UNESCO-designated golden eagle hunters. Craggy mountains, the tallest in Mongolia, and stunning scenery will take your breath away, while a variety of thrilling adventures will capture your heart.

Return to Ulaanbaatar, where you can take in the sights, learn a new skill such as paper-making or bow and arrow craftsmanship, or simply recharge before your next destination, Karakorum, site of the 13thcentury capital of the Mongol Empire ruled by the legendary Chinggis Khan. Here, history leaps off the textbook page, and your pulse will quicken in this fascinating place. Of course, the Orkhon Valley is also considered one of the most beautiful places in Mongolia and riding a horse through the scenic landscape will seem almost magical. We’ll also arrange a private shaman ceremony to complete this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Whether it’s going behind the scenes with a paleontologist or learning the ancient art of throat singing, our immersive experiences in alluring destinations set a new standard for family adventures.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1 & 2 | Ulaanbaatar

Welcome to Mongolia! After settling in, drive to Zaisan Memorial and climb its 300 steps for a beautiful panoramic view. Visit Gandan Monastery, the seat of Buddhism in Mongolia. Later, drive to the National Museum for an overview of Mongolia’s history.

Day 3 | Fly to Ulgii

This morning flight to Ulgii, then drive to your camp and spend the rest of the afternoon at leisure.

Day 4 | Tsengel Khairkhan Mountain

Spend the day with a local Kazakh family to learn more about their traditions and ancient culture. This afternoon, hike the foothills of Tsengel Khairkhan Mountain.

Day 5 | Tsambagarav Mountain/ Day with Kazakh Eagle Hunter

Drive towards Tsambagarav Mountain and spend some time with the three-time champion of the Golden Eagle Festival. Later, meet a local Uriankhai family and watch as they display their renowned archery skills.

Day 6 | Return to Ulaanbaatar

Return flight to the capital. In the afternoon learn the art of making bows and arrow.

Day 7 & 8  | Karakorum

Drive to Karakorum, site of Erdene Zuu Monastery and the 13th-century capital of the Mongol Empire.  Explore Orkhon Valley by horseback, visit a local family farm.

Day 9 | Ulaanbaatar

Return to the capital and visit the Bodh Khan Museum, Throat singing demonstration and lesson.

Day 10 | Gobi / Three Camel Lodge / Moltsog Els

You will have an early morning flight to the Gobi, followed by check-in at the award- winning Three Camel Lodge.  This afternoon, explore Moltsog Els with a four-hour camel trek on the back of a Bactrian camel.

Day 11 | Nomad Family Visit / Havtsgait Petroglyph

Drive to Havtsgait to see the ancient artwork. In the late afternoon, ride bicycles to visit a nomadic family, learn how to build a Ger.

Day 12 | Tugregiin Shiree / Flaming Cliffs

Visit two of the iconic planetology landmarks of the Gobi , Tugregiin where the “fighting dinosaurs” were found and the Flaming Cliffs, site of discovery of the first dino eggs.  They named for their orange glow at sunset.

Day 13 | Ulaanbaatar

Return to the capital and indulge in some last-minute sightseeing and shopping.

Day 14 | Departure

Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Trip Dates & Pricing


This is a private journey offered from May through October.

2021 Land Price

Family of 4:  Starting at $31,495

Internal Airfare:  $625 per person

NOTE: Land Price is based on Double Occupancy and Internal Airfare is subject to change by airlines.


Activity Level

This itinerary is recommended for Adventurous families seeking an active and enriching holiday that explores Mongolia’s pristine natural beauty and nomadic lifestyle through a wide range of activities.