Join one of our most unique journeys and explore diverse regions on this adventure tour of Mongolia by traditional modes of transport: traveling by kayak and on horseback.

Traveling by kayak, glide across pristine Lake Hovsgol in the north, considered the cleanest freshwater lake on the planet, and explore the surrounding mountains on horseback. In the south, camel-trek through the Gobi and discover an awe-inspiring landscape with a surprising variety of wildlife. Discover the beauty of central Mongolia in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, where nomads camp and gazelles cross the grasslands beneath the vast blue sky. In the Gobi, explore the diverse landscapes of this mystical desert on the back of a Bactrian camel. These two-humped camels, known for their strength and endurance, are easier to ride than horses and no prior experience is necessary.

Outline Itinerary

Days 1-2 | Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Discover the treasures on display at Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum. Visit the Chojiin Lama Temple Museum, comprised of five temples showcasing the country’s best collection of tsam masks, as well as masterpieces of Zanabazar.

Days 3-4 | Lake Hovsgol & Horse Trek

Following a visit to the Gandan Monastery, fly to Hovsgol Province and drive to Lake Hovsgol, known as Mongolia’s “dark blue pearl.” Spend a day among the forested peaks of the Khoridol Saridag Mountains while trekking Mongolia on horseback.

Days 5-6 | Kayaking on Lake Hovsgol & Ulaanbaatar

Return to the lakeside base camp and kayak on Lake Hovsgol. Fly back to Ulaanbaatar.

Days 7-8 | Yol Valley, Moltsog Els, & Flaming Cliffs

The second half of this trip will begin in the Gobi and will allow you to explore Yol Valley National Park. The following morning, stop at Moltsog Els sand dunes on the way to the Flaming Cliffs. Begin the camel trek to Tugrugiin Shiree.

Day 9 | Camel Trek to Tugrugiin Shiree, Bulgan Sum

Continue the camel trek and arrive at Tugrugiin Shiree. Visit the farming community at Bulgan Sum before returning to the Three Camel Lodge.

Days 10 – 12 | Ulaanbaatar, Hustain Nuruu National Park

Fly back to Ulaanbaatar and visit the Bogd Khan Winter Palace. The following morning, travel to beautiful Hustain Nuruu National Park, home of the last remaining species of wild horse in the world – the takhi – before returning to the capital.

Day 13 | Departure

Trip Dates & Pricing


This is a private trip with departure dates that fit your schedule. Inquire for further details.

Land Price 2020:  Minimum of 2 participants

May & October
Land Cost: $8,475.00
Single Supplement: $1,260.00
Internal Airfare: $550.00

June 1 – 30 & September 16 – 30
Land Cost: $8,675.00
Single Supplement: $1,360.00
Internal Airfare: $550.00

July 5 – 20
Land Cost: $9,660.00
Single Supplement: $2,045.00
Internal Airfare: $640.00

July & August 1 – September 15 (Except July 5 – 20)
Land Cost: $9,150.00
Single Supplement:- $1,735.00
Internal Airfare: $640.00

Please note that internal airfare is subject to change by airlines

Activity Level

This trip is intended for travelers who are moderately active, as approximately four to six hours will be spent in the saddle during horse trekking days, with Russian cavalry-style saddles provided for each participant. The kayaking portion of the trip will involve a full afternoon (approximately 2-4 hours) paddling in quality one- and two-person Folbot™ expedition kayaks. Active Adventure.