Explore Breathtaking Gobi Desert!

Dinosaur fossils, bearded vultures, and singing sand dunes are just a few of the many treasures to be discovered on this Gobi Desert trek. From the green valleys in the foothills of the Gobi Altai Mountains to the dramatic red sandstone of the Flaming Cliffs, this adventure provides an in-depth exploration of the Gobi’s secrets.

Journey into this unforgettable landscape and share the Gobi with two-humped Bactrian camels and Argali mountain sheep, snow leopards, and the Gobi bears that live among the canyons, valleys, and dunes of this diverse region. The multicolored granite rocks of the Gyalaan Valley and the immense “Singing Sands” of the Hongoryn Els dunes are among this Gobi Desert expedition’s unforgettable destinations. Other highlights include a visit to Tugrugin Shiree, where the “Fighting Dinosaurs” fossil was discovered, and a chance to go camel trekking in the Ayaldai Valley.

Outline Itinerary

Days 1-2 Ulaanbaatar

Begin your Gobi Desert expedition by exploring the seat of Buddhism in Mongolia at the Gandan Monastery while spinning the prayer wheels as you stroll through the grounds. Monasteries across the country are again opening their doors to worshippers and the few lamas who survived the purges are training a new generation. Drive through downtown Ulaanbaatar to the National History Museum for an excellent overview of Mongolia’s history and culture. End the day with visits to the Choijin Lama Temple Museum and the Zaisan Memorial.

Day 3  Hustain Nuruu National Park

Hustain Nuruu National Park is home to the last remaining species of wild horse, the takhi – commonly known as Przewalski’s horse. Twenty-five years after becoming extinct in the wild, the takhi was reintroduced to the Mongolian steppe from zoo populations by the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski’s Horse. Learn about current conservation efforts and try to spot these beautiful horses in their natural habitat.

Day 4  Fly to the Gobi | Havsgait Valley 

Travel to the Gobi where you will explore the desert, first seeing the ancient artwork at the petroglyphs atop the mountain in Havsgait Valley. Either return to the Three Camel Lodge by car or bicycle (approximately 2 hours by bike).

Day 5 Yol Valley National Park 

Hike the surprisingly green valley of Yol Valley National Park, habitat of many indigenous birds and mammals.

Day 6  Gyalaan Valley 

Begin the day with a drive to the Gyalaan Valley, passing through Haalgan Davaa Pass and the Hongoryn Els sand dunes. Spend the afternoon exploring the multicolored granite rocks of the Gyalaan Valley.

Days 7-8 Hongoryn Els 

Known as the “Singing Sands,” this stretch of sand dunes is the Gobi’s most magnificent. Spend two days photographing this majestic sight, and explore by foot or atop the back of a Bactrian camel.

Day 9  Tugrugiin Shiree | Bulgan Sum

Today, drive to Tugrugiin Shiree, a white escarpment where the famous “Fighting Dinosaurs” fossil was discovered in the 1970s. Later, visit Bulgan, a local town home to one of the only farms in the Gobi.

Day 10 Family Visit | Flaming Cliffs

Spend the morning with a local nomadic family at their ger. Learn about their lifestyle and assist with their chores, if you choose. Drive to the Flaming Cliffs, known for their orange glow at sunset. The Flaming Cliffs are rich with fossils and continue to be a site of major paleontological discoveries.

Day 11 Return to Ulaanbaatar

Fly to the capital city in the morning and later visit the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum, which has one of the finest collections of Buddhist art and artifacts in the world. End your visit to Mongolia with a life performance featuring traditional Mongolian dance and khoomi throat singing, followed by a farewell dinner.

Day 12  Departure  


Trip Dates & Pricing


This is a private journey offered from May through October

2 Travelers:        From $7,500 per person

Internal Airfare:   $275 per person

Single Supplement:  From $1,245 per person

NOTE: Land Price is based on Double Occupancy and
Internal Airfare is subject to change by airlines.

Activity Level

Cultural Journey, Private Journey.