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Ultima Thule

As purveyors of the ultimate travel adventures, the Nomadic Expeditions team excels at composing and leading itineraries at the highest levels of luxury and experience. We have named this pinnacle tier of journey Ultima Thule in a nod to the remote regions we traverse, as well as the unparalleled accommodations and service you will enjoy.

Premium Customizations

We weave exclusive custom experiences into your journeys. We possess the resources for our clients to enjoy such once-in-a-lifetime highlights as receiving a private blessing from a Lama, dining in Rajasthan with a member of the Indian Royal Family, a helicopter tour of the Himalaya, private dance performances and concerts—and of course we are open to your requests.

Peak Luxury

Journeying by aviation, boat, or overland vehicle—you will travel in the greatest comfort possible—reaching remote destinations in style, and receiving unrivalled attention from guides and staff dedicated to you—as you explore some of the world’s most unique destinations. We not only unlock exquisite sites within each region for you, we attend to you throughout with the highest personal service.

Privacy & Convenience

Because many of our guests seek to keep a low profile, we provide the highest degree of privacy for you, which includes everything from discreet bookings, landing directly on remote local airstrips and helipads, the bypassing or expediting of lines at various checkpoints and check-ins. We understand that your expectations are high, and so our team actively creates a seamless journey for you—clearing a path for pure enjoyment of your adventures.

Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule



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Travel Experts

Founder and CEO

He has been an advisor to all seven of Mongolia’s prime ministers and two of its presidents, a role in which he champions sustainable, eco-friendly travel as a viable alternative to Mongolia’s mining-based economy.

Director of Operations

Committed to running trips that are ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive, Sanjay has been named an “Unsung Hero of Compassion” and recognized by the Dalai Lama for the community projects he has created in South Asia.


Undraa has traveled extensively throughout North America, Asia and Europe, developing and managing custom trips for leading nonprofit and for-profit organizations and individual travelers worldwide.


Find Yourself
A World Away

Nestled in the heart of the Omnogobi Aimag, the Three Camel Lodge is tucked beside an outcrop bearing ancient petroglyphs. The authenticity goes well beyond the surface to create a true sense of place. From hand-carved wood furnishings created by local artisans to the well house crafted to resemble a miniature temple, there is no doubt you are firmly planted in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert—surrounded by amenities of modern luxury.