Our People

An underlying requirement for anyone involved with our companies, whether staff, suppliers, or trip leaders, is a respect and genuine love for the world and its preservation. In all of our adventures with clients, we strive for sustainable practices that leave communities and the environment in which we travel whole. We love what we accomplish together, and we want you to as well.

Our approach to business includes extended exchange programs for our employees, ensuring that each member of our team is aware of the expectations of our clients as well as having an understanding of the spirit and way of life of the cultures we are visiting. With second languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, our trip leaders and guides – an entirely Mongolian staff – are proud of their heritage and culture and are dedicated to providing the best experience possible.

Taking into account the nature of “adventure,” our trip leaders have the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that may arise spontaneously and are attuned to the interests and needs of individual travelers. You can be assured of a blend of personal attention and professionalism.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us!

Jalsa Urubshurow, Founder and CEO

A pioneer in environmental conservation through for-profit sustainable tourism initiatives, Jalsa Urubshurow’s story began in 1952 when his parents immigrated to the US after a seemingly endless search for safe haven from Stalinist persecution in Russia. Born on the other side of the world from his ancestral heritage, Jalsa grew up speaking Mongolian and listening to the legends his father recited to him. Jalsa fought his way toward a hugely successful career as a carpenter. One year after the establishment of his framing business, All•tech, Mongolia transitioned to democracy and Jalsa’s dream of visiting his father’s homeland became a reality. During his first exploration of Mongolia’s astounding beauty, the nation’s first democratically elected Prime Minister, His Excellency Dash Byambasuren, recruited him to advise on expanding accessibility to Western travelers. Jalsa eagerly took up the challenge, and Nomadic Expeditions became a full-fledged operation in 1992. In the two decades since its inauguration, Nomadic Expeditions has developed into the premier tour operator for the region and a strong force within the sustainable tourism sector.

Jalsa’s continued exploration of Mongolia, especially now through the eyes of his son, have brought him great joy and an enduring desire to engage others personally in initiating and developing sustainable practices wherever they travel. A co-founder of the North America-Mongolia Business Council (NAMBC), a non-profit organization comprised of the CEOs of American and Canadian corporations active in Mongolia, Jalsa and his colleagues are dedicated to expanding bilateral economic, investment and trade relations between Mongolia and North America. He also serves on the board for the Bodhi Tree Foundation, and continues to support numerous charities and nonprofits around the world.

Undraa Buyannemekh, Executive Director

Undraa is Nomadic Expeditions’ Executive Director, a frequent traveler between our NJ and Mongolia offices. An expert in marketing initiatives, educational affinity group travel programs and special programs, Undraa earned her bachelor’s degree from Urals State University in Russia and holds an MA in International Relations from California State University, Sacramento, USA. Undraa has traveled extensively throughout North America, Asia and Europe, developing and managing custom trips for leading nonprofit and for-profit organizations and individual travelers worldwide. Her passions include adventure travel, sustainable tourism, and a commitment to the environmental conservation and cultural preservation of Mongolia. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, photography and playing tennis.

Doljinsuren Enkhtaivan, Operations Manager

As Nomadic Expeditions’ Operations Manager in Mongolia, Doljo organizes our reservations and bookings, coordinates trips with local vendors, and ensures that everything is in place for all of our expeditions. Doljo was born and raised in the mining town of Erdenet, and was employed at a hotel before joining Nomadic Expeditions in 2002. She holds an MBA from Mongolia’s prestigious Institute of Finance and Economics, and is fluent in German and Russian. Her skills and diligence have earned her recognition and accolades from our partner vendors and from clients, who recognize her as a resourceful and reliable travel manager.

Baatarnyam Navaansharav, Active Expeditions Manager

Baatar was born in the remote village of Hanh on the shore of Lake Hovsgol, and spent his childhood among the Darhad tribe, learning their dialect and customs. He later studied in Ulaanbaatar and Moscow. As our Expedition Manager, Baatar works with local nomads and affiliated local organizations, and helped to develop many of our trekking programs in the remote Altai Mountain and horseback riding adventures at Lake Hovsgol. He loves to spend time in remote regions of Mongolia with local tribesmen, learning about their cultures and customs.

Enkhtaivan Guijintso, Accountant

Our chief accountant, Enkhtaivan has worked at Nomadic Expeditions’ Mongolia office since its inception. Enkhtaivan studied at the University of Irkutsk, and her career as an accountant has included work in both the private and public sector in Mongolia. As one of Nomadic Expeditions’ most senior staff members, she has played a large part in the company’s success over the years, and her many years of experience have given Enkhtaivan a wealth of knowledge to impart on our young guides and staff.

Tserennyam Tserendejid, Assistant Accountant

Born and raised in the Mongolian countryside, Tsegi’s determination and hard work brought her to Ulaanbaatar, where she earned a degree in accounting. In addition to her accounting duties, Tsegi is the coordinator of Nomadic Expeditions’ procurement department for field trips and general supplies. Tsegi’s parents are still nomads, and she frequently travels to the countryside to visit them and maintain her connection to her traditional nomadic heritage.

Wanda Plucinski, Program Coordinator

Born in Poland, Wanda attributes her passion for foreign cultures and languages to her initial interest in her own heritage.  She caught the travel bug as a child, moving between Poland, Germany, Austria and finally to the United States. With a B.A. in Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Management and nearly 20 years’ experience in the government, leisure, corporate and tour operation sectors, Wanda joined Nomadic Expeditions. Her profound travel experiences throughout the world – including Asia, Europe, North and South America and the Caribbean – are the outgrowth of her passion for the environment and the value of authentic cultural immersions. She enjoys combining her travels with her passion for the environment, wildlife, photography, dance and yoga.

Nikhita Ambre, Program Coordinator

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Nikhita studied Hotel Management & Catering Technology and has since spent 10 years in the travel and tourism industry with a main focus on leisure trips, international trade fairs and luxury train travel in India, South Africa and Spain. Her travel adventures began at the young age of 7 on a journey to northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir, where she experienced sleeping on a houseboat and riding a shikara – a type of gondola colorfully decorated with fresh flower petals and large open air sitting quarters. Having now traveled extensively throughout India, New Zealand, North America, Hawaii, Scotland and Mongolia, Nikhita is always learning new things about different cultures, people, food and history. She is excited to continue her travels, explore new destinations, and help others plan their dream vacations.

Munkhtsetseg Tserenchunt, Program Coordinator

A native Mongolian and passionate advocate for intercultural human rights, Munkhtsetseg earned her LL.M from St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Florida. With an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management and Engineering in Hyderabad and a B.A. in International Economic Relations from the School of Foreign Services of the National University of Mongolia, she brings a vast knowledge of experiential travel and conservation-based professional acuity to Nomadic Expeditions’ USA office. She is skilled in Mongolian and well versed in English, along with some knowledge of Korean and Chinese, and has visited China, varied regions of India, and extensively her native Mongolia.

Munkhtsetseg enjoys reading about international economics and communicational issues, playing the piano, listening to music and participating in basketball and yoga.

Sharon Geiger, Writer

A graduate of Rider University’s English creative writing program, Sharon oversees content development and management of Nomadic Expeditions’ written materials and social media. She approaches her work through the lens of the artistic community, having studied music from an early age. Thoroughly committed to learning about the culture, literature, and artwork of ancient historical societies and how they have developed over the centuries, she is an active researcher and strives to provide travelers with the best information available on a particular destination. Out of the office, Sharon studies and produces poetry and nonfiction. Her poetry has been featured in several publications, and she looks forward to pursuing her passion for people, cultures, literature, and travel through the coming years.