Nomadic Expeditions

Our Team


Jalsa Urubshurow

Founder and CEO

A pioneer in environmental conservation through for-profit sustainable tourism initiatives, Jalsa Urubshurow’s story began in 1952 when his parents immigrated to the US after a seemingly endless search for safe haven from Stalinist persecution in Russia. Born on the other side of the world from his ancestral heritage, Jalsa grew up speaking Mongolian and listening to the legends his father recited to him. One year after the establishment of his framing business, Nomad Framing, Mongolia transitioned to democracy and Jalsa’s dream of visiting his father’s homeland became a reality. During his first exploration of Mongolia’s astounding beauty, the nation’s first democratically elected Prime Minister, His Excellency Dash Byambasuren, recruited him to advise on expanding accessibility to Western travelers. Jalsa eagerly took up the challenge, and Nomadic Expeditions became a full-fledged operation in 1992. In almost the three decades since its inauguration, Nomadic Expeditions has developed into the premier tour operator for the region and a strong force within the sustainable tourism sector.


Undraa Buyannemekh


Undraa is the President of Nomadic Expeditions. As President, she is a frequent traveler between our NJ and Mongolia offices. An expert in marketing initiatives, educational affinity group travel programs and special programs, Undraa earned her bachelor’s degree from Urals State University in Russia and holds an MA in International Relations from California State University, Sacramento, USA. Undraa has traveled extensively throughout North America, Asia and Europe, developing and managing custom trips for leading nonprofit and for-profit organizations and individual travelers worldwide. Her passions include adventure travel, sustainable tourism, and a commitment to the environmental conservation and cultural preservation of Mongolia. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, photography and playing tennis.


Sanjay Saxena

Director of Operations Sanjay Saxena was born in New Delhi, India. The son of a Brigadier General in the Indian Army, Sanjay has lived all over India and traveled extensively across Asia. During the span of his career, Sanjay has led countless groups trekking, climbing, touring and on safaris to Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Venezuela, Peru, Iran and of course throughout his home country of India. Sanjay’s deep insider’s knowledge of his homeland, together with his talent for creating unique itineraries to traditional and remote destinations, make him one of the travel world’s top-ranked India and Tibet specialists. Since 2003 he has received Condé Nast Traveler’s “Top Travel Specialist” award for his exemplary work in India, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan (the Himalaya). Sanjay was also chosen to be on the “WOW” List by WendyPerrin.com. Not one to be tied to his desk, you will often find Sanjay leading trips to many of our destinations.

Anand Munkhuu

Program Director

A native Mongolian fluent in English and Korean, Anand attended high school in Manhattan while his father worked at the Mongolian Mission to the United Nations. He returned to Ulaanbaatar for university and earned a Bachelor of Accounting from the Institute of Finance and Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from Ulaanbaatar University. He specialized in teaching and interpretation of the Korean language during his studies at Ulaanbaatar University. His professional expertise covers over 15 years in the Mongolian tourism industry. As Program Director, he designs and often leads trips focused on a paleontological, archaeological and historical nature, as well as adventure-minded trips that include kayaking, eagle hunting, hiking, horse riding, and camel riding. In his spare time, Anand enjoys martial arts, soccer, judo, running, and practicing yoga.


Buyandelger Ganbaatar

Active Adventures Manager

Buyandelger was born in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and spent his childhood living with his grandparents amongst the livestock and wilderness of Uvurkhangai province in Central Mongolia. Riding horses and herding sheep or cattle was an everyday occurrence for him, and the nomadic lifestyle of the wilderness became a routine that Buya could not live without. Buya’s dreams turned toward tour guiding and the travel industry. After studying Tourism Management at the Mongolian University of Humanities, he started his career at Nomadic Expeditions as a waiter at our award-winning Three Camel Lodge. In 2011, he participated in the Tourism Competition of Mongolia, known as the Young Tourism Pro, and won first place. After a number of years spent guiding, Buya now works from our Ulaanbaatar office as travel manager, helping to ensure the quality of our programs.


Nikhita Ambre

Expeditions Manager

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Nikhita studied Hotel Management & Catering Technology and has since spent 10 years in the travel and tourism industry with a main focus on leisure trips, international trade fairs and luxury train travel in India, South Africa and Spain. Her travel adventures began at the young age of 7 on a journey to northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir, where she experienced sleeping on a houseboat and riding a shikara – a type of gondola colorfully decorated with fresh flower petals and large open air sitting quarters. Having now traveled extensively throughout India, New Zealand, North America, Hawaii, Scotland and Mongolia, Nikhita is always learning new things about different cultures, people, food and history. She is excited to continue her travels, explore new destinations, and help others plan their dream vacations.


Bolorchimeg Soronzonbold

Operations Manager

Bolorchimeg is the operations manager in our Ulaanbaatar office. Bolorchimeg began working for Nomadic Expeditions in 2014 after graduation from the University of Humanities with a degree in tourism and hotel management. She is fluent in French and also spent a year at Sejong University studying Korean. Travel is a particular passion for Bolorchimeg, who hopes to travel around the world. Outside of the office, she enjoys reading and playing the piano.