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As one of the world’s premier luxury travel and tour operators, we recruit the highest caliber of tour leaders whose passion for travel is contagious. We enable them to thrive within our network by providing expert training and guiding their course—ensuring their success through a lifetime of adventure and creating peerless journeys for our travelers. We also aim to match our tour leaders with guests based on common interests and areas of expertise, providing not only incredible journeys but also deeper understandings of the places and cultures we visit.

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Tour Leaders


Almagul Karagaz Mongolia | Tour Leader
Almagul Karagaz

Mongolia | Tour Leader

Born to a Kazakh family in western Mongolia’s Bayan-Ölgii Province, Amagul grew up in true nomadic fashion, living off the land and in harmony with it, being truly connected with nature as she helped her herding family with their cattle from an early age.

Though she went on to earn a degree in Finance & Accounting, her love of nature and desire to share this bond with guests from around the world led her to join the tourism sector, where she has excelled as a guide.

She also teaches English with remarkable success and loves to say that she can have her students proficient in speaking English in a very short amount of time because she teaches from her heart. She is certainly a favorite among her students for this as well.

In her spare time, she loves to read, cook, and she is currently learning Spanish—saying she has a soft spot for the Romance languages.

Ganzorig Darisuren Mongolia | Tour Leader
Ganzorig Darisuren

Mongolia | Tour Leader

Trained as a teacher, Ganzorig spends the winter teaching English and the summers guiding for Nomadic Expeditions. An avid horseback rider, he specializes in horse trekking trips across the country.

His favorite locations to ride horses are in the western parts of Mongolia in the Altai Mountains and in the northern part of Mongolia in the Khuvsgul region. These are among the most remote lands in Mongolia—vast open spaces unspoiled by any development and an incredible opportunity to experience the raw beauty of the Earth.

A talented singer, he loves to sing while riding and entertains his fellow riders with his soft but strong voice, performing many of Mongolia’s favorite songs. A keen photographer, he also guides many of our photography tours.

His hidden talent is snooker billiards. He started playing 15 years ago and holds a gold medal from the Monos Pharmaceutical Snooker Billiards Championship of 2019.

Buyantmaa Dorjgotov

Mongolia | Tour Leader

Buyantmaa’s experience in travel began at an early age, as she moved between Laos, Mongolia, Russia, and the U.K. for primary and high school. She earned her B.A. in Tourism and Management from Otgontenger University, Mongolia, specializing in management, marketing, English, and Japanese.

A skilled guide with interests in historical and cultural heritage, Buyantmaa is fluent in English and Russian. Avid at swimming, table tennis, and volleyball, she is a hardworking and active individual with a bright personality and a passion for travel and cultural experiences.

Known among her peers for her constant travel during free time, Buyantmaa believes in the freedom that travel brings. She guides her guests with a free spirit, offering them a sense of liberation that many take home from Mongolia.

Despite adversity, she always sees the brighter side and strives for successful outcomes.


Tseveendorj Mongolia | Tour Leader

Mongolia | Tour Leader

Born in Ulaanbaatar, Tseveendorj has always been an ardent student who loves to challenge himself. Though his formal education was in the sciences and engineering, he has a special interest in the arts and philosophy.

Well-read and knowledgeable on a multitude of subjects, he is delightful to converse with while traveling. Outside of guiding, his passions are photography and playing guitar.

As a photographer, he loves capturing pictures of nomadic culture and landscapes, feeling closer to the Mongolian country lifestyle through his lens.

His keen eye for the arts makes him the ideal guide to showcase Mongolia from a unique perspective. His attention to detail proves valuable in spotting and highlighting moments and perspectives of beauty that may be overlooked.

In the future, he would like to create a narrative with his images, such as a photography book accompanied by essays.

Chimeddavaa Chimedtsogoo

Mongolia | Tour Leader

Our senior-most guide, Chimeddavaa, is an avid Buddhist, community leader, and dedicated social service volunteer, dedicating her free time to helping people who are below the poverty line.

Over the past 10 years, she has worked on community-based projects as a volunteer and served as an assistant to the Head of the Mongolian Parliament. She offers tremendous insight into the Mongolian government and the country’s direction. Her well-thought-out, balanced talks on Mongolia, infused with Buddhism, are always well-received by guests.

As our go-to person on Buddhism, Chimeddavaa guides our special interest groups and teaches Buddhism at our annual guide training course. As a certified meditation and yoga instructor, she seeks inner peace and helps others experience it as well.

Growing up in the countryside before moving to Ulaanbaatar, her arrival in the city caused her many cultural shocks. These are stories she enjoys sharing with her guests.

Undrakh Batchuluun Mongolia | Tour Leader
Undrakh Batchuluun

Mongolia | Tour Leader

One of our seasoned veterans, Undrakh is a native of Ulaanbaatar. She started her career as a translator and foreign relations manager for Interactive (an IT company) before joining the tourism sector as a guide in 2006.

With extensive experience in exploring the South Gobi and North Hovsgol regions, she merges her knowledge with cultural experiences of the reindeer people, shamans, and horse trekking—leading small group and private adventure travel journeys.

Undrakh is one of the few guides who can lead our horse treks and camel treks. She loves horses and specifically travels to the northern part of Mongolia just to ride them. At least once a year, she makes time to camp out with her family in the countryside.

On a personal note, she enjoys singing, dancing, playing basketball, photography, and facilitating conversations between explorers and nomadic families. Lately, she’s taken a deep interest in paleontology. In the long run, she would like to lead paleontological expeditions to the Gobi.

Narantsatsral Urtnasan (Naraa)

Mongolia | Tour Leader

A native of the Ovorkhangai province of Mongolia, Narantsatsral is a certified yoga instructor and has been guiding for us since 2017. Taking full advantage of living in London for five years, she traveled throughout Europe, making her one of our most traveled guides.

Now back in Mongolia, she continues to pursue her love of travel, exploring all regions of our country. She brings her travel experience and calm personality to the trips she guides.

Narantsatsral is also a keen birder, having picked up the hobby in recent years. It takes time to develop a passion for birding, and she’s well past that point. Today, she travels to locations rich with birds and takes great pictures.

At the same time, she volunteers at the Bird Research Center of Mongolia and conducts research analysis on the Mongolian Ground Jay, primarily inputting data collected by researchers and preparing papers for presentation.

Tour Leaders


Rashid Latif

India | Tour Leader

Coming from the city of the Taj Mahal in Agra, Rashid is married with three children. His eldest son is pursuing a master’s degree in physics and math. He also has two daughters, aged 14 and 3.

He literally grew up around the iconic Taj Mahal and the Red Fort, which are two miles away from his ancestral home. He remembers going at the crack of dawn to play cricket and climb trees in the vicinity of the Agra Fort.

His grandfather never received any formal education yet went on to write nine books of fiction and was also a very successful businessman.

Rashid has a degree in science and has been leading tours for the past 25 years—still extremely excited to share everything about, as he says, “my incredible India.”

His hobbies are sports, cooking, gardening, and traveling. He always looks forward to showcasing the vast variety of India—from rural areas to urban mega-cities—and the extremely rich historical heritage dating back to the cradle of civilization.

Shagzil Khan

India | Tour Leader

“The best way to experience a country is through its history with an understanding of its present,” says Shagzil. “My country, India, has a rich past, active present, and a promising future.”

Shagzil lives in Kochi, Kerala, in the southwestern part of India, sharing its western boundary with the Arabian Sea.

With 15 years of experience, Shagzil has led tours all over India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

He is known for leading historical walks in cities; cultural, academic, and historic group tours in India; and organizing small and large special interest photography and wildlife tours.

He has led tours for international embassy and high commission delegations and serves as a sports anchor, stage emcee, and speaker/announcer for weddings, sports events, and snake boat races.

In his downtime, he enjoys long-distance cycling, mountain biking, and holds a Power Boat handling license.


Ritu Sharma

India | Tour Leader

The daughter of an Indian Naval Commodore, Ritu grew up in a very progressive Indian household. Traveling with her parents while her father was stationed in various parts of India and Asia, Ritu developed a love for travel early in life.

Studying at a boarding school in Pune as a young girl, she became interested in foreign languages and took the step to study Spanish. This led to her enrolling at Delhi’s prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Her dissertation, focusing on the famous Spanish playwright Federico García Lorca, earned her a scholarship to travel to Spain to continue her studies.

Throughout her studies, Ritu continued to pursue her passion for travel, which eventually led to her thriving career as a Tour Manager. Fluent in Spanish and English, Ritu has been an extremely successful and popular leader, guiding American, British, and Spanish travelers throughout India.

Shaitan Singh Rathore

India | Tour Leader

A proud Rajput from the state of Rajasthan, Shaitan Singh hails from an agricultural family that still owns over 300 acres of land and raises cows and buffaloes for milk and butter.

An avid sports enthusiast, he has represented his district in cricket and soccer. He also enjoys riding in his spare time.

Growing up in the culturally rich land of Rajasthan and hearing stories from his grandfather, Shaitan always wanted to showcase his culture to visitors, which led him to pursue a career as a professional tour guide.

He has led more than 50 tour groups from America, Canada, and the UK throughout Rajasthan, as well as extensively toured different parts of India.

He delights in sharing stories of the various tribes who reside here, drawing from his deep understanding of India’s diverse cultures to enrich the experience of avid travelers.

Anshuman Tripathi

India | Tour Leader

Originally from rural India, Anshuman completed postgraduate degrees in History and Tourism Management before moving to Delhi to pursue a career in tour guiding.

An adrenaline junkie at heart, Anshuman leads trekking tours and wildlife expeditions in addition to tours throughout the state of Rajasthan and the Golden Triangle—visiting the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur—a triangle dubbed “golden” for its wealth of cultural and historical riches.

Trekking tours have become increasingly popular, and Anshuman truly enjoys these opportunities to showcase his beloved country from the unique perspective of venturing into India’s incredible natural landscapes.

His extensive experience working in different regions and with people from around the globe has equipped him with fluency in two regional dialects as well as German.

Tour Leaders


Kinzang Tashi

Bhutan | Tour Leader

Kinzang is from Eastern Bhutan in Trashigang, which is the most populated district in Bhutan.

Having grown up in one of the most remote parts of a rather remote country, he always dreamed of landing a job in Thimphu.

After completing his high school studies in Eastern Bhutan, Kinzang successfully completed a two-year Tourism Management Diploma course and was awarded a professional guide license, fulfilling his dream of being in the capital city.

He has explored various trekking routes and successfully completed the arduous Snowman trek. Considered one of the toughest treks in the world, the Snowman is undertaken by very few individuals each year. It spans more than 25 days and involves crossing 11 high passes in the isolated Himalaya.

Kinzang’s favorite training program has been the wilderness first-responder course. He holds an international black belt in Taekwondo and has won several medals.

Namkha Namdra

Bhutan | Tour Leader

It usually surprises people that Namkha started his career as a high school teacher for more than a decade.

However, his passion for traveling around his beautiful country sparked his decision to become a professional tour guide.

Namkha has been doing what he loves for more than seven years now. Guests love him because he is exceptionally courteous, friendly, and empathetic.

He is passionate about sharing Bhutanese culture and traditions, and his love for the King, people, and country drives him.

Besides archery, playing basketball, and running, his favorite pastime is watching guests fall in love with his country.

Tour Leaders


Mingmar Dorji Sherpa Nepal | Tour Leader
Mingmar Dorji Sherpa

Nepal | Tour Leader

Our Nepali trekking guide par excellence, Mingmar, started his career as a trekking/climbing porter and soon rose through the ranks to become one of the most accomplished assistants to renowned mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears, who introduced him to us.

Mingmar has summited Everest three times, twice from the Nepali (south face) side and once from the Tibetan (north face). A noted journalist and videographer, his first Everest summit was accomplished in 2004 while working on Breashears’ film “Storm over Everest,” which explored the tragic events of the 1996 climbing season.

In 2007, Mingmar was the Sherpa in charge of the filming expedition recreating the 1922 route taken by legendary Everest climber George Mallory. Interestingly, Mingmar later portrayed Mallory’s Sherpa in the 2010 documentary “The Wildest Dream.”

In addition to his prestigious climbing record, Mingmar is also a wonderfully gifted trek and tour leader. He is certified as a trekking guide and liaison officer by the Government of Nepal.

Tour Leaders


Sonam Badol

Tibet | Tour Leader

One of our most experienced Tibetan leaders, Sonam completed his primary and secondary education in a local school in Lhasa before heading to India to pursue higher studies.

After spending ten years studying in Mussoorie, India, he returned to Tibet in 1996 and began working in the tourism industry.

Sonam previously worked for two major Tibetan travel companies (TIST & CITS) and an NGO in Lhasa (One Heart) before starting his guiding career in 2005.

He speaks Hindi, Tibetan, Mandarin, and English, and has led numerous tours and treks across Tibet.


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