Nikhita Ambre is the Expeditions Manager at Nomadic Expeditions. She spends her days planning spectacular and memorable trips for clients, but when it’s time for her own travels, where does a professional travel planner go? She looks within her own company, of course! Nikhita, along with her husband and two young children, traveled to Bhutan wi

The podcast Luxury Travel Insider has interviewed Nomadic Expeditions President Undraa Buyannemekh for her unique and authentic cultural perspectives on visiting Mongolia. In this fascinating episode, she shares her insights on the country's rich history, vibrant nomadic culture, and natural beauty, providing a compelling case for why Mongolia shou

When you travel to Mongolia, you'll discover a rich musical culture that reflects the country's customs and traditions. Traditional instruments of Mongolia are divided into categories like strings, wind, struck, bowed, and percussion.

The most popular times to experience Bhutanese culture are during Spring and Fall, seasons in which there are vibrants festivals with historic significance.

India has the sixth largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. While celebrated as one of the lands where civilization reached its first extraordinary heights, the last millennium has seen India adorned by a profusion of crowning architectural masterpieces.

Journeys with Nomadic Expeditions bring you to face to face with such miraculous habitats and wildlife, and we welcome you to explore all of this land’s incredible sites. From vast floodplain sanctuaries to archeological sites of early habitations to the towering Himalaya—India’s natural places on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites are a

In this country about the size of Switzerland is a place of mesmerizing peace and natural beauty. Here you will find otherworldly sights of sacred snow-capped peaks and deep valleys abundant with wildlife. You will find cultural marvels unlike anyplace else on Earth. Here you will experience wonders everywhere you go.

While Bhutan is a rapidly modernizing with a growing prominence especially as a leader in sustainability initiatives, the country is thoughtful about those from the outside influence their culture and customs. The secluded Himalaya kingdom is deeply rooted in Buddhism and values happiness over possessions. Travelers experience a very hospitable peo

The subcontinent of India has been described as a world within a world. It is so vast—spanning from the snowy Himalaya of the northernmost states to the tropical southernmost states--that the temperature varies widely within the country on any given day. So to pinpoint the best time to visit depends entirely upon your sites of interest.

*This is the first in our series on exploring destinations in India beyond the Taj Mahal. Trekking experts rave about Ladakh for a good reason. The top things to do in Ladakh include seeing the gorgeous Himalayan passes, being immersed in a wonderfully hospitable culture, visiting wonderfully preserved temples and monasteries, and experiencing the

Few things open your eyes quite like a good book. The very best books take us somewhere without ever leaving the comfortable confines of our favorite chair. They entertain but also educate and enlighten by sharing insight into an unfamiliar place or person. We happen to think one of the best ways to prepare for […]

Mongolian Eagle Hunting: Sport of the Khans For more than a thousand years, the nomadic people of western Mongolia have practiced this ancient art of golden eagle falconry by training young eaglets and hunting with these majestic birds. Trekking on horseback over unforgiving terrain in frigid temperatures, these hunters work in teams to flush quarr

For the first-time traveler to Mongolia, spending a couple days in the capital of Ulaanbaatar prior to visiting the Gobi allows you to first appreciate the history of Mongolia through visiting its rich cultural centers and museums. Within a brief drive of the capital there are also opportunities to get a glimpse of the broader natural beauty of the