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Since the conception of Three Camel Lodge, it has been our mission to offer explorers the spirit of Mongolia and its nomadic people through authentic experiences while preserving the very earth and culture we proudly showcase. Sustainability is more than a founding principle, it guides every decision of operating the lodge to best take care of the land, the wildlife, Monglia’s people, culture and traditions.

Each guest learns about the nomadic way of life, as well as its traditions and customs, through visits with nomadic families. The gers and furniture is all authentic and created by local Mongolian artisans. Ingredients for the restaurant’s gourmet meals is grown and sourced locally. Most importantly, Three Camel Lodge was built entirely by locals and continues to be staffed entirely by native Mongolians.

Three Camel Lodge
Three Camel Lodge


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Ulaanbaatar (ULN)

Three Camel Lodge


Three Camel Lodge isn’t just a place to stay. It’s a state of mind.

Once asked why he climbed Mt. Everest, adventurer George Mallory quipped, “because it’s there.” The reason for creating Three Camel Lodge was precisely because of what wasn’t.

Jalsa Urubshurow, CEO of Nomadic Expeditions and founder of Three Camel Lodge, had been sharing the undisturbed beauty of Mongolia with travelers since the country reopened in 1990, yet he was unable to find desirable accommodations for his guests.

After careful consideration for the preservation of the region’s environment, culture and people, he opened Three Camel Lodge in 2002. It was, and remains, the only luxury ecolodge in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

Our unique constellation of gers rests in the heart of the starkly beautiful Gobi Desert. These 40 traditional felt and canvas tents used by Mongolian nomads are modeled after traditional Buddhist temples, adhering to strict Mongolian Buddhist canons of “soum style.”

Built by and staffed by locals, Three Camel Lodge isn’t just a place to stay. It’s a state of mind.

A founding member of the Beyond Green partnership of sustainable resorts, the ecolodge stands among the most distinguished collection of hotels, lodges, inns and resorts located in extraordinary places—offering exclusive and unique experiences and sharing the utmost dedication to high-quality service and sustainable tourism practices.


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Three Camel Lodge

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Nestled in the heart of the Omnogobi Aimag, the Three Camel Lodge is tucked beside an outcrop bearing ancient petroglyphs. The authenticity goes well beyond the surface to create a true sense of place. From hand-carved wood furnishings created by local artisans to the well house crafted to resemble a miniature temple, there is no doubt you are firmly planted in the Mongolia’s Gobi Desert—surrounded by amenities of modern luxury.