Visit Bhutan, a Tibetan Buddhist kingdom of less than a million people nestled in the Himalayas between India and China, first opened its doors to tourists only a few decades ago. In a country where the capital has no traffic lights and “gross national happiness” is the government’s priority, where there were no postage stamps until 1962 and no airports until 1982, visitors exploring Bhutan’s traditional villages and mountain trails feel as if they have traveled back in time.

Restrictions on billboard advertising, plastic bags, and satellite television, as well as the number of tourists permitted to travel there each year, are all a part of the government’s successful efforts to preserve Bhutan’s unique cultural heritage and scenic beauty.

Travel to Bhutan and hike along paths winding through hills and valleys, experience more challenging treks into the Himalayas. Tour Asia and take in some of the worlds most impressive mountain scenery, making Bhutan a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Those interested in Buddhism will find a rich and spiritual culture to explore; visiting during one of the kingdom’s lively religious festivals is an ideal way to experience Bhutan and get to know its people. The dances performed at festivals such as the Ura Yak-choe and Jambay Lhakhang date back centuries, and luck-seeking celebrants from throughout the country gather in temple courtyards for the rare chance to witness the unveiling of ancient tapestries.

Hilltop forts and monasteries, snow-capped peaks towering above valleys where colorful prayer flags snap in the breeze, and the fine crafts made by local artisans are just some of the treasures to be discovered in this little-visited country.

Trips to Bhutan

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