With an average altitude of 13,000 feet above sea level, the “Roof of the World” is certainly an apt way to describe the plateau, mountains, and valleys that make up Tibet. The people of this dramatic land in the shadow of Everest embraced Buddhism over a thousand years ago, and for 300 years have been led by a Dalai Lama, bearer of an honorary title conferred by the Mongol leader Altan Khan.

Tour Tibet and experience a place of spiritual pilgrimage for Buddhists from around the world, as well as for those in search of extraordinary landscapes to explore.

Ringed by mountains, Lhasa sits in as dramatic a location as any capital city on Earth, and its temples are among the most impressive in Asia. Visit Tibet’s Jokhang Temple Monastery, the countires most important spiritual center which draws a steady stream of visitors to halls filled with exquisite Buddhist art. Tour Tibet’s Drepung Monastery. a huge spiritual temple that at its peak housed 10,000 monks. The Potala Palace, justifiably Lhasa’s most famous landmark, is an awe-inspiring 17th-century structure that served as the winter palace for generations of Dalai Lamas, and Samye, in a valley outside the city, was built in a remarkable mandala design and was the first monastery in Tibet.

It is the combination of spectacular mountain scenery and a unique spiritual history that compels so many travelers to visit this remote and enigmatic place. Treks through the valleys and grasslands, to the holy lakes and caves, and the spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalayas are for many the highlight of any journey to Tibet, and even in the countryside one is never far from a hilltop palace, ancient fortress, or monastery.

Trips to Tibet

Iconic Tibet with Everest Base Camp

This itinerary is designed to touch the deep spiritual, natural, and cultural beauty and history of Tibet. Our journey through the highest Himalaya begins with four days exploring Lhasa, the magical capital of Tibet. Here, we visit the majestic Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor bazaar and secluded monasteries. Leaving Lhasa, we explore the turquoise waters… Learn More

From Mystical Tibet to Nomadic Mongolia

From Mystical Tibet to Nomadic Mongolia

Join one of Nomadic Expeditions’ most exclusive trips and explore Tibet and Mongolia, the “Roof of the World” and the “Land of Blue Sky.” These fascinating countries, inaccessible to the world’s travelers until only recently, share a direct spiritual bond through their Buddhist heritage, and reward visitors with a wealth of artistic and cultural riches, unforgettable vistas, and warm hospitality.