Nomads traveling across Mongolia have long relied on and spoken of the “three stones of the hearth,” each the right size and shape, needed to support the pot above the fire each night. These three stones have come to represent the foundation needed for a successful journey, and for those traveling with Nomadic Expeditions it is our experience, commitment to responsible travel, and dedication to seeking out true adventure that are the foundations of every trip we lead.

For the nomad in you, Nomadic Expeditions offers these Three Stones of the Hearth during your journey to Asia.

Unrivaled Experience

Crafting the trip of a lifetime has been our specialty since 1992, and our experience exploring Mongolia and beyond is rivaled by no other travel company. Our personable guides are professionally trained in the culture and natural history of Mongolia and our other destinations, and each is expert in the skills necessary for leading rewarding adventure travel. These talents and abilities ensure that an adventure undertaken with Nomadic Expeditions will be exciting, enriching, enjoyable, and safe – an experience likely to exceed your expectations.


Our commitment to responsible travel means that every expedition is undertaken with the greatest respect for the lands we explore and the local people we meet. Those who travel with Nomadic Expeditions do so with the assurance that the preservation and protection of the ecosystems and cultures we visit is of the utmost importance to us, both as individuals and as a company. Respect for the places we travel to is at the heart of everything we do.

Real Travel, True Adventure

Mongolia is one of the last frontiers of genuine adventure travel, where an incredible diversity of ecosystems and traditional cultures await discovery by those with an appreciation for the world’s truly wild places. To journey into the desert, steppe, and mountains of Mongolia is to travel back to a time before “tourist industries,” when there were no detailed maps indicating “points of interest,” and one had to rely on the knowledge and kindness of locals to discover the hidden corners of the world. A time when the most valuable souvenirs were the friendships formed with the local people and the insights they gave to the remarkable places they called home.