The promotion and protection of the environmental and cultural assets of the regions we specialize in – while benefiting the local economy and population in the destinations we travel to – are central to everything we do. Nomadic Expeditions is committed to conservation efforts in all of the destinations we showcase through environmental programs, educational initiatives, and the support of international and local nonprofits.

Nomadic Expeditions paved the way for sustainable tourism efforts in Mongolia with the opening and maintaining of the Three Camel Lodge. The lodge was built in accordance with environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines, utilizing renewable energy resources that include wind and solar power. At the lodge, we have eliminated plastic water bottles, straws, and numerous other forms of single-use plastics from the property’s operations. Forging a first-of-its-kind cooperative agreement with local Mongolian authorities, it also became an active contributor to the community’s conservation efforts, planting over 8,000 trees and sponsoring anti-litter, school conservation, and cultural programs. The agreement extends a 10-km protection radius to the land around the lodge, banning illegal and anti-ecological activity.

To help in the preservation of unique cultures and traditions, we have partnered with local nomadic communities and sponsored events such as the Thousand Camel Festival and Bulgan Sum Naadam Festival. In addition, we work on numerous projects with the Arts Council of Mongolia. A particular example concentrates on an artist exchange program whereby local artists travel within Mongolia, together with foreign counterparts, to develop and showcase unique works of art to exhibit before the public in Bayan Ulgii, Hovsgol and the Gobi.

In 2000, Nomadic Expeditions CEO Jalsa Urubshurow founded the Golden Eagle Festival with the aim of preserving this venerable Kazakh hunting tradition and protecting the nomads’ magnificent birds of prey. Held annually in early October, this renowned festival features two days of competitions that test the speed and skill of hunters and their eagles as well as a showcase of performances and ceremonies in their honor. A thrilling celebration of nomadic traditions, the Golden Eagle Festival showcases the crafts, culture, and heritage of the Kazakhs who – for generations – have lived in this wild and beautiful region of Mongolia. While it was founded as a way for the locals to celebrate their heritage, this festival’s popularity has soared and it is now Mongolia’s second most popular festival. The 2016 documentary The Eagle Huntress spotlighted the participation and triumph of the first female to enter and win top prize at the festival.

Our commitment to partner with multiple organizations – including the World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, Peregrine Fund, the Arts Council of Mongolia, and numerous internationally recognized nonprofit conservation institutions – also positions tourism as a sustainably viable industry for Mongolia.