April 2019 issue, Condé Nast Traveler “Travel Experts”

Following an extensive vetting and research process the editors of Conde Nast Travelers have picked the best travel specialist in the world for their feature “The Expert’s Issue.” On newsstands now, the April 2019 issue of Condé Nast Traveler is dedicated to the “Travel Experts.”

We are proud to announce that our Founder and CEO Jalsa Urubshurow is featured in the cover article as the Specialist for Mongolia. Also on the list, is our Director of Operations Sanjay Saxena named as the Specialist for the Himalaya.

Jalsa Urubshurow, Mongolia Specialist
Founder of Nomadic Expeditions Jalsa Urubshurow is recognized as a world’s travel specialist for Mongolia. He knows his ancestral homeland better than virtually anyone and plans trips designed to see the best of what Mongolia has to offer. He believes traveling by four wheel drive lets the traveler understand the land better than via aircraft.
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Sanjay Saxena, Himalayan Specialist
From the east to the west the greatest of the earth’s mountain ranges, divides Asia. Exploring the Himalaya has been a passion of Sanjay Saxena since his youth in India. Son of a General in the Indian Army a taste for the far away places is in his DNA. Experienced and unflappable, Sanjay knows which side of the prayer wall to walk.
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