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Condé Nast Traveler’s Asia Experts

Condé Nast Traveler’s Asia Experts

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We at Nomadic Expeditions are proud that Condé Nast Traveler lists our Founder and CEO Jalsa Urubshurow and Chief Operations Officer Sanjay Saxena as destination experts for Asia.

Jalsa, a pioneer of sustainable travel, has a named specialty travel throughout Mongolia. While Sanjay’s specialties are India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and the Himalaya, across the categories of adventure, family travel, and over-the-top trips.

Their combined expertise has resulted in Nomadic Expeditions being perennially in the running for Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards, which allows subscribers or followers of the esteemed publication’s newsletter to vote for their favorite tour operators, destinations, and accommodations. As past winners who are always in the mix to win, we greatly appreciate our travelers who take the time to vote for us.

As contributors to Condé Nast Traveler, Jalsa and Sanjay each have their own pages wherein they share insights about their areas of expertise. We encourage travelers interested in just a taste of their considerable experience to visit and share these links with friends interested in traveling to Asia.

For example:

CNT: What is one of your all-time favorite experiences you’ve been able to pull off for guests?

JALSA: The performing arts of Mongolia is spectacular, it is truly moving and an inspiring experience for travelers. Arranging one-of-a-kind outdoor performances by some of the leading artists of Mongolia is one of my all-time favorite experiences for travelers.

CNT: What sets your offerings apart from those of other travel specialists?

SANJAY: High quality logistic operations are tough in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and regions of India. There’s special permit requirements, large expanses of restricted areas, and political uncertainties. But this is where I excel, thanks to my extensive connections in government and tourism ministries and long term (over four decades now) history of ground operations in the region. I can secure permits when others cannot.


For anyone curious exactly how our leadership managed to become Condé Nast Traveler destination experts for Asia, Nomadic Expeditions became a full-fledged operation in 1992. In the nearly three decades since its inauguration, Nomadic Expeditions has developed into the premier tour operator for the region and a strong force within the sustainable tourism sector. The latest example of our expertise at Nomadic Expeditions is our incredible new journey Beyond the Taj With Sanjay Saxena, crafted and led by our own Director of Operations to intimately connect travelers with the people, culture, and landscapes of exquisite India.

Nomadic Expeditions has led thousands of adventurers, including custom expeditions for the American Museum of Natural History, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Tibet House, the Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund, as well as university groups such as Harvard and Stanford.

Additionally it has been our mission to offer explorers the spirit of Mongolia and its nomadic people through authentic experiences while preserving the very earth and culture we proudly showcase. Sustainability is more than a founding principle; it guides every decision of operating the lodge to best take care of the lands we visit and our communities. We contribute to initiatives and organization including The Arts Council of Mongolia, The Peregrine Fund, and The Captain Planet Foundation.


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