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January 2018

Wander Woman

[Nomadic Expeditions'] Undraa Buyannemekh is all for going off the grid in 2018.

January 26, 2018

Is global travel on your 2018 bucket list?

Lark Gould

For bucket list questers, Mongolia will prove a star conquest, full of unusual experiences and memories. Nomadic Expeditions, based in New Jersey, is the pro-expert for travel to Mongolia[...]

January 2018

The 13 Best Under-the-Radar Travel Destinations for 2018

Ian Centrone

Join Nomadic Expeditions’ new Quick Escape itinerary to witness its abundant wildlife, the bustling capital of Thimpu, and majestic cliff side monasteries like Tiger’s Nest.

November 14, 2017

2017 Top Traveler Specialists We Trust

Paul Brady and Christine Cantera

Whether it’s dune boarding in the Sahara or baking alongside
locals in Sicily, the right “experience maker” will intuit your
desires before you even know what they are—then they’ll
make them happen. These travel specialists can do exactly
that, no matter what your interests are.

Fall 2017

Fields of Dreams, and Sands, and Stars

Wendy Plump

In a dramatic re-interpretation of "if you build it, they will come," New Jersey resident and contractor Jalsa Urubshurow built a base for his adventure expedition company in Mongolia.

October 2017

Earn Your Drink at These Incredibly Hard-to-Reach Bars and Pubs

Tiffany Leigh

If you crave more than a generic corner pub or bar, don your explorer’s hat and quench your thirst at these spots, which happen to be located in the farthest-flung corners of the world. Should you make your way to these barstools, you’ll be rewarded with epic tales to share for the rest of your life.

October 2017

The Top 20 Places to Travel in 2018

Laura Itzkowitz

AD consulted with the industry's leading experts to uncover the hottest destinations for design lovers in the new year.

August 2017

Where to Go in October

Wendy Perrin

Pleasant temperatures, fewer tourists, and shoulder-season deals make October a great time to travel to a large swath of the globe. Since you can’t go everywhere (sad, I know), we’ve pinpointed a few of the optimal spots.

February 2017

Why You Need To Visit Mongolia This Year

Jenn Flowers

The head monk of Mongolia's oldest monastery, who will be joining a trip with Nomadic Expeditions this summer, offers a history lesson–and a few pearls of wisdom.

December 22, 2016

16 Reasons to Travel this January

Jen Murphy

Events, trips, new hotels, renovations, and other goings-on of note to help you plan your winter travels.

May 2016

Into the Shadow Lands

Sophy Roberts

A small coterie of top-end travel outfitters are making it their business to expedite cross-border travel to far-flung lands. Sophy Roberts journeys along remote roads and and gains authentic insights into both the everyday and the extraordinary.

October 2016

Ice driving and horse-sled racing in remotest Mongolia

Sophy Roberts

Mongolia's summer plains have a much-photographed allure, but its deep winter wilderness is a missed opportunity that's only now being opened up to adventurers. Sophy Roberts heads to a frozen neverland.