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Summer 2010

Exotic Journeys

This year, Nomadic Expeditions introduces family trips for parents with kids aged 3-12.

March 2010

T+L Top 33 Adventure Outfitters

Jeff Wise

Active outdoor trips often require the guidance and expertise of a travel specialist. But which one? T+L contributing editor and fearless outdoorsman Jeff Wise has surveyed the field to create the ultimate directory of adventure outfitters around the globe, each listed with our favorite trip.

August 2009

Perrin's People

Wendy Perrin

Offering a blend of expertise, access, and good value, these select travel consultants are the pros to turn to for your next big trip.

November 2012

Happy 850th, Genghis!

Costas Christ

The Eastern Steppe of Mongolia is nearly ten times the size of the Serengeti, and the rest of the country consists mostly of rolling hills and big-sky plains. All of that wide-open space makes Mongolia a paradise for birds of prey.

October 2006

Tours of a Lifetime

Like many of our readers, we've always shied away from organized tours, feeling that unscripted, independent travel is the richest sort. But for some places in the world--those were roadsigns are nonexistent, or where the alphabet is a series of graceful curlicues, or where cease-fires among warring parties are tenuous--tours may be a more practical way than going it alone.