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Travel Experts With a “WOW” Factor

Travel Experts With a “WOW” Factor

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We at Nomadic Expeditions are honored to again have our founder and CEO Jalsa Urubshurow and Chief Operations Officer Sanjay Saxena named to the coveted WOW List of WendyPerrin.com, the annual compilation of top trusted travel experts.

Respectively listed as the leading experts for Mongolia and the India, Jalsa is a pioneer in environmental conservation through for-profit sustainable tourism initiatives, while Sanjay has no peer in creating and guiding superlative experiences.

Even throughout the pandemic, Wendy Perrin has been monitoring traveler feedback and revising The WOW List accordingly. Inclusion on this prestigious list is based primarily on reviews from travelers who are just back from countries that have reopened. And Nomadic Expeditions has no shortage of glowing 5-star reviews. So she turned her deep expertise and priceless Rolodex (remember those?) into WendyPerrin.com, and the travel industry is all the better for it.

Jalsa created Nomadic Expeditions in 1992 to help tourism development toward best sustainable practices, so we have enjoyed a long friendship with Wendy and are always glad to develop incredible journeys for her followers. In the nearly three decades since its inauguration, Nomadic Expeditions has developed into the premier tour operator for the region and a strong force within the sustainable tourism sector.

Nomadic Expeditions has led thousands of adventurers, including custom expeditions for the American Museum of Natural History, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Tibet House, the Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund, as well as university groups such as Harvard and Stanford. Jalsa also serves on the board for The Arts Council of Mongolia, The Peregrine Fund, and The Captain Planet Foundation and continues to support numerous charities and nonprofits around the world.

The son of a brigadier general in the Indian Army, Sanjay was born in New Delhi and grew up living in numerous places throughout India. He began mountaineering and rock climbing in the high Himalayas at age 15, and since 1979 has led groups on trekking, climbing, touring, and safari trips not only in India but in Tibet, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. Committed to running trips that are ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive, Sanjay has been named an “Unsung Hero of Compassion” and recognized by the Dalai Lama for the community projects he has created in South Asia.

For international trips in particular, Wendy advises that you would be wise to use an extremely well-connected, extremely knowledgeable, destination-specific, trip-planning specialist who can act as your local fixer and optimize your every step.  You’d be even wiser to find and contact that trip planner via the unique WOW approach to trip planning that I’ve created by popular demand from my longtime readers.  It’s the approach used by the travelers who are submitting these trip reviews. And it starts with filling out any one of the trip questionnaires on this website.

For anyone ready to experience incredible cultural adventure among the countries we tour—Mongolia, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet—we look forward to creating once-in-a-lifetime journeys for you, and guiding you on these seamless itineraries of exploration and discovery.