Nomadic Expeditions

Nomadic Expeditions is delighted to announce our 25th season of exceptional journeys to Mongolia, Tibet, China, Bhutan, and Siberia. Drawing upon our passion for travel and uncommon experiences, we have compiled an unmatched collection of expeditions for the traveler with a truly nomadic spirit.

All of us at Nomadic Expeditions have realized the common dream of exploring unspoiled and less-traveled locales, and of visiting and learning from the diverse and wondrous cultures of the world. As a group of experienced adventurers, we are dedicated to becoming knowledgeable friends and guides to each traveler we assist, in the hopes of enabling each of our clients to achieve a dream of their own.

We invite you to travel with us, guided by professionals whose knowledge of the land and peoples you visit will enrich your journey. Throughout all of our travels, we are committed to supporting the cultures and heritage of the countries we visit and to protecting the biodiversity of the ecosystems we explore.

You are also invited to experience what for many is the highlight of a trip to Mongolia, a stay at our award-winning eco-lodge. Since 2002, guests at the Three Camel Lodge have enjoyed the unparalleled comfort and service of Nomadic Expeditions’ luxury ger camp, located in the heart of Mongolia’s legendary Gobi Desert.

Please refer to our Trip Finder to explore our expeditions or to request detailed itineraries.

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