Nomadic Expeditions


Adventure Tales from Tibet with Sanjay Saxena

This week Justin chats with legendary guide and adventurer Sanjay Saxena from Nomadic Expeditions. Sanjay takes us through two truly pioneering expeditions throughout Tibet that set records, were inspired by early explorers of the area, and delivered the industry standard for real exploration!

Jalsa Urubshurow CEO & Founder of Nomadic Expeditions

Join us on a fascinating discussion about Mongolia as a travel destination, Jalsa’s family history and their journey to the USA, the creation of the Golden Eagle Festival, the spectacular Three Camel Lodge, and all of the adventure activities on offer in Mongolia!

Mongolia | Undraa Buyannemekh

Today we’re discussing the country of Mongolia, and all the riches it has to offer. This is a place where “the big picture gets bigger.” The home of snow leopards, wild horses, the hypnotic dunes of the silk road, and of course the warm hospitality of the Mongolian people. 


Introduction to Mongolia: Wild Heritage of Mongolia with Nomadic Expeditions

Nomadic Culture and Arts of Mongolia with Nomadic Expeditions


Three Camel Lodge and highlights of the Gobi Desert with Nomadic Expeditions

TL Specialist Series | Nepal with Nomadic Expeditions

Festivals of Mongolia with Nomadic Expeditions