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When sitting down to plan a family vacation, the typical destinations that usually spring to mind are amusement parks like Disney World, beach destinations such Hawaii or Mexico, and perhaps national parks like The Grand Canyon or Yosemite.  

However, why not think outside of the box and travel with your children somewhere that will undoubtedly leave a mark on them and impact them for years to come? Somewhere where they will pull themselves away from their phones, tablets, and video games and take in the scenery. One of these distinctive destinations is Mongolia. But why, you may ask, is Mongolia a great destination for families? Our experts have weighed in on their top reasons why you should take your kids to Mongolia for your next family vacation. 

Mongolia is an unspoiled destination

Mongolia, a land rich in culture, tradition, and natural beauty, definitely feels like a “different world”. This has many advantages and is likely to leave a mark in the minds of children and adults alike. The fact that Mongolia is so vastly different than what they are used to is reason enough to visit it. Explore the landscapes: the valleys, the deserts, the wide-open spaces, and expansive blue skies and stargazing opportunities. Open the minds of your children to a new experience and an unspoiled, untouched land.

Mongolia offers many cultural and educational lessons

Immersing your child in a different culture and exposing them to different customs early on is a very honorable thing to do. This way, as your child grows, they will have an innate respect and understanding of different cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc. Mongolia has a rich culture and history based around the nomadic lifestyle. Have an authentic experience: stay in a ger (yurt), meet a local nomadic family in the Mongolian countryside, and tour an ancient Buddhist monastery- these experiences will stay with your children for years to come.

Mongolia is primarily a summer destination

The best part about planning your trip to Mongolia is the time of year it is most favorable to visit in: summer! Since your children will be out of school for summer vacation, it is a perfect time to plan a longer getaway, so you can ensure you will see everything you desire. Mongolia is very cold during the winter, so summer is the ideal time to see this incredible country. 

You might find a dinosaur fossil

Dig into the past with one of our experienced guides and a paleontologist. There are many sites in Mongolia where our travelers have been fortunate enough to find fossils, one being Tugrugyn Shiree. This area in the Gobi Desert is well known for the “fighting dinosaurs”, fossils of a Protoceratops and Velociraptor locked in combat! Adults and children alike will be amazed when they uncover a buried fossil! 

Mongolia offers an off-the-grid experience

Many places you will visit in Mongolia will have little to no WiFi or internet access. This will allow your children (and you) to fully immerse yourself in the nomadic way of life without the distraction or temptation to check your email or social media. This will be a breath of fresh air for a family attached to technology. Create the memories now- upload the photos and share them when you get home! 

It’s Easier to Get to Than You Think

Family travel is hard enough, but many shy away from taking long flights with kids. In the past, many people were apprehensive to travel to Mongolia because it required multiple flights with layovers, followed by multiple forms of other transportation to reach the area of Mongolia desired. Well, that’s all history! Now, most major U.S. cities have direct flights to Beijing, where there will be a short layover and then flight directly into Ulaanbaatar. This makes it feasible to plan travel to Mongolia, even with children!

If this sounds of interest to you, or to learn more, visit our Family Travel page by clicking here.

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