The most popular times to experience Bhutanese culture are during Spring and Fall, seasons in which there are vibrants festivals with historic significance.

Mongolian Eagle Hunting: Sport of the Khans For more than a thousand years, the nomadic people of western Mongolia have practiced this ancient art of golden eagle falconry by training young eaglets and hunting with these majestic birds. Trekking on horseback over unforgiving terrain in frigid temperatures, these hunters work in teams to flush quarr

Naadam means to come together as one and have a celebration. A spectacle of pageantry and cultural performances, the centerpiece of this journey will lift your spirits and fill your heart. Bear witness to the height of these competitions during the nation’s largest Naadam Games in the capital of Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolia’s Centuries-Old Festival of Competition Festivals are more than just a celebration; they are a way to honor one’s traditions and history. However, some festivals are woven into the identity of a place. Holi in India. Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico. And, Naadam in Mongolia. Held annually in the summertime, Naadam is celebrated across [&he

The colorful and vibrant festivals of India have the dramatic effect of allowing travelers to gain a better perspective of one’s own identity by deeply discovering and experiencing another culture. Far from superficial, the festivals of India revolve around celebrations of life itself, harvest times, seasonal changes, anniversaries of deities, an