The subcontinent of India has been described as a world within a world. It is so vast—spanning from the snowy Himalaya of the northernmost states to the tropical southernmost states--that the temperature varies widely within the country on any given day. So to pinpoint the best time to visit depends entirely upon your sites of interest.

*This is the first in our series on exploring destinations in India beyond the Taj Mahal. Trekking experts rave about Ladakh for a good reason. The top things to do in Ladakh include seeing the gorgeous Himalayan passes, being immersed in a wonderfully hospitable culture, visiting wonderfully preserved temples and monasteries, and experiencing the

Few things open your eyes quite like a good book. The very best books take us somewhere without ever leaving the comfortable confines of our favorite chair. They entertain but also educate and enlighten by sharing insight into an unfamiliar place or person. We happen to think one of the best ways to prepare for […]

While the vastly different regions of India present a range of climates—from the arid western deserts to the humid southwestern rainforests—Winter finds India blissfully temperate. From simply sightseeing to taking in festivals, wildlife, and cruising the tranquil rivers—the holiday months are a heavenly time to visit.   Weather The traditio

Then there is the lifetime of expertise of the travel expert who has not only been to a place but guided numerous tours to and throughout the region. Experts who have contacts not only in-country but along the routes they tour. They know their roster of destinations like the back of their hand. Their degree of knowledge would certainly be enjoyable

India: Beyond the Taj Mahal  *This is the second in our series on exploring destinations in India beyond the Taj Mahal. You wouldn’t go to Paris and skip the Eiffel Tower, so while we agree that the Taj Mahal is certainly a must-see at both dawn and dusk, there is so much more to India […]