The podcast Luxury Travel Insider has interviewed Nomadic Expeditions President Undraa Buyannemekh for her unique and authentic cultural perspectives on visiting Mongolia. In this fascinating episode, she shares her insights on the country's rich history, vibrant nomadic culture, and natural beauty, providing a compelling case for why Mongolia shou

When you travel to Mongolia, you'll discover a rich musical culture that reflects the country's customs and traditions. Traditional instruments of Mongolia are divided into categories like strings, wind, struck, bowed, and percussion.

India has the sixth largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. While celebrated as one of the lands where civilization reached its first extraordinary heights, the last millennium has seen India adorned by a profusion of crowning architectural masterpieces.

Few things open your eyes quite like a good book. The very best books take us somewhere without ever leaving the comfortable confines of our favorite chair. They entertain but also educate and enlighten by sharing insight into an unfamiliar place or person. We happen to think one of the best ways to prepare for […]

Mongolian Eagle Hunting: Sport of the Khans For more than a thousand years, the nomadic people of western Mongolia have practiced this ancient art of golden eagle falconry by training young eaglets and hunting with these majestic birds. Trekking on horseback over unforgiving terrain in frigid temperatures, these hunters work in teams to flush quarr

For the first-time traveler to Mongolia, spending a couple days in the capital of Ulaanbaatar prior to visiting the Gobi allows you to first appreciate the history of Mongolia through visiting its rich cultural centers and museums. Within a brief drive of the capital there are also opportunities to get a glimpse of the broader natural beauty of the

Naadam means to come together as one and have a celebration. A spectacle of pageantry and cultural performances, the centerpiece of this journey will lift your spirits and fill your heart. Bear witness to the height of these competitions during the nation’s largest Naadam Games in the capital of Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolia’s Centuries-Old Festival of Competition Festivals are more than just a celebration; they are a way to honor one’s traditions and history. However, some festivals are woven into the identity of a place. Holi in India. Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico. And, Naadam in Mongolia. Held annually in the summertime, Naadam is celebrated across [&he

Mongolia proudly has five such sites, with another 12 on the tentative list. Ranging from relatively small monument sites to vast tracts of natural landscape, these locations embody Mongolia’s heritage as our legacy and key to our past—places we absolutely must pass on to future generations—irreplaceable cultural and natural sources of life a

No one can say for sure when the art form of throat singing began. The historical records mention it as early as the Han Dynasty, between 206 – 220 BC. Throat singing then appears in Chinese texts dating in 92 AD. From these accounts, we learn that the northern barbarians who worshipped the wolves sang […]

The Flaming Cliffs: Why It’s a Must-See When Visiting Mongolia  You will likely never forget your visit to the Flaming Cliffs in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. This stunning setting is the stuff of ad campaigns and holiday card photos, but it’s so much more than (just) a beautiful place. Long before the discovery of the world’s […]

There are few greater luxuries in life than spending time with family, and nothing brings the family together quite like exploring a new destination together. Travel provides so many opportunities for meaningful interactions and memory-making experiences. Whether you’re seeing the world through the unfiltered lens of a young child’s eyes or gra

It’s not often you hear the word Gobi without the word desert attached: the image of a barren, lifeless place of endless billowing sand dunes is firmly affixed to the term desert in the mind of the general public.

Lake Hovsgol Feb 19, 2007 — Beginnings The road from Moron to Lake Hovsgol is more the suggestion of a pathway for vehicles than a highway. Deeply frozen ruts, mostly, interspersed with rocky patches. The two-and-a-half hour trip becomes smoother once we reach the lake, as the lake turns into the highway. It begins to […]

“Footprints carry a person’s individual vibration, recognized by the spirits,” writes Sas Carey, author of Reindeer Herders in My Heart — Stories of Healing Journeys in Mongolia. In this candid interview Sas speaks about one of the last remaining nomadic societies on Earth, their way of life, history, religious practices, strengths, and th

A short trip to Lake Huvsgul Our Nomadic Expeditions colleague Ider Batbayar speaks about his recent experiences trekking through northern Mongolia and over the frozen Lake Huvsgul, the world’s cleanest freshwater lake. My recent trip to Lake Huvsgul in northern Mongolia occurred while the lake’s surface was frozen as deep as 3-4 ft. I journeye