Nikhita Ambre is the Expeditions Manager at Nomadic Expeditions. She spends her days planning spectacular and memorable trips for clients, but when it’s time for her own travels, where does a professional travel planner go? She looks within her own company, of course! Nikhita, along with her husband and two young children, traveled to Bhutan wi

The podcast Luxury Travel Insider has interviewed Nomadic Expeditions President Undraa Buyannemekh for her unique and authentic cultural perspectives on visiting Mongolia. In this fascinating episode, she shares her insights on the country's rich history, vibrant nomadic culture, and natural beauty, providing a compelling case for why Mongolia shou

Having summited numerous peaks above 8,000 meters, (Super) Phula Sherpa is one of the most significant resources available to trekkers planning high-altitude Himalayan treks, and he eagerly participates in the Everest Clean Up Campaign to give back to the land that he loves. Born in the area of Jantarkhani in Nepal's eastern region, he began his pr

Ever wanted to know more about the Sherpa guides who facilitate treks and climbs to Himalaya wonders? Curious to know their favorite places in Nepal and what their everyday life is like? Our friend (Super) Phula Sherpa was kind enough to share his story and insights from a significant amount of time living and climbing at high altitudes.

Proudly from the state of Rajasthan, Shaitan Singh Rathore is from an agricultural family. The family holds more than 300 acres of land and keeps cows and buffalos for milk and butter. Growing up in this proud land of Rajasthan and hearing stories from his grandfather, he always wanted to showcase his culture to people visiting this state, and this

Lake Hovsgol Feb 19, 2007 — Beginnings The road from Moron to Lake Hovsgol is more the suggestion of a pathway for vehicles than a highway. Deeply frozen ruts, mostly, interspersed with rocky patches. The two-and-a-half hour trip becomes smoother once we reach the lake, as the lake turns into the highway. It begins to […]

“Footprints carry a person’s individual vibration, recognized by the spirits,” writes Sas Carey, author of Reindeer Herders in My Heart — Stories of Healing Journeys in Mongolia. In this candid interview Sas speaks about one of the last remaining nomadic societies on Earth, their way of life, history, religious practices, strengths, and th

A short trip to Lake Huvsgul Our Nomadic Expeditions colleague Ider Batbayar speaks about his recent experiences trekking through northern Mongolia and over the frozen Lake Huvsgul, the world’s cleanest freshwater lake. My recent trip to Lake Huvsgul in northern Mongolia occurred while the lake’s surface was frozen as deep as 3-4 ft. I journeye