Journeys with Nomadic Expeditions bring you to face to face with such miraculous habitats and wildlife, and we welcome you to explore all of this land’s incredible sites. From vast floodplain sanctuaries to archeological sites of early habitations to the towering Himalaya—India’s natural places on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites are a

The subcontinent of India has been described as a world within a world. It is so vast—spanning from the snowy Himalaya of the northernmost states to the tropical southernmost states--that the temperature varies widely within the country on any given day. So to pinpoint the best time to visit depends entirely upon your sites of interest.

*This is the first in our series on exploring destinations in India beyond the Taj Mahal. Trekking experts rave about Ladakh for a good reason. The top things to do in Ladakh include seeing the gorgeous Himalayan passes, being immersed in a wonderfully hospitable culture, visiting wonderfully preserved temples and monasteries, and experiencing the

Proudly from the state of Rajasthan, Shaitan Singh Rathore is from an agricultural family. The family holds more than 300 acres of land and keeps cows and buffalos for milk and butter. Growing up in this proud land of Rajasthan and hearing stories from his grandfather, he always wanted to showcase his culture to people visiting this state, and this

While the vastly different regions of India present a range of climates—from the arid western deserts to the humid southwestern rainforests—Winter finds India blissfully temperate. From simply sightseeing to taking in festivals, wildlife, and cruising the tranquil rivers—the holiday months are a heavenly time to visit.   Weather The traditio

The colorful and vibrant festivals of India have the dramatic effect of allowing travelers to gain a better perspective of one’s own identity by deeply discovering and experiencing another culture. Far from superficial, the festivals of India revolve around celebrations of life itself, harvest times, seasonal changes, anniversaries of deities, an

By virtue of India’s tremendous diversity and depth of culture, many of its most exceptional experiences remain little known. For those with India on your bucket list, here are ten of this land’s innumerable treasures that richly deserve to be woven into your itineraries. Hampi Temples The sacred temples of Hampi are a major pilgrimage [&hellip

India: Beyond the Taj Mahal  *This is the second in our series on exploring destinations in India beyond the Taj Mahal. You wouldn’t go to Paris and skip the Eiffel Tower, so while we agree that the Taj Mahal is certainly a must-see at both dawn and dusk, there is so much more to India […]