As peoples from the Indus Valley Civilization (3300 – 1300 BC) expanded north they founded settlements in the Kathmandu Valley. Today the capital of Kathmandu bears gorgeous remnants of those small medieval kingdoms. Once a key stop along the ancient Salt Route, Kathmandu thrives still as a confluence of culture, a gateway to the Himalaya, and a

Having summited numerous peaks above 8,000 meters, (Super) Phula Sherpa is one of the most significant resources available to trekkers planning high-altitude Himalayan treks, and he eagerly participates in the Everest Clean Up Campaign to give back to the land that he loves. Born in the area of Jantarkhani in Nepal's eastern region, he began his pr

Ever wanted to know more about the Sherpa guides who facilitate treks and climbs to Himalaya wonders? Curious to know their favorite places in Nepal and what their everyday life is like? Our friend (Super) Phula Sherpa was kind enough to share his story and insights from a significant amount of time living and climbing at high altitudes.

Visiting Nepal’s four UNESCO World Heritage Sites is like traveling backwards in time—seeing the birthplace of Lord Buddha, touring the ancient monuments of long-ago dynasties dedicated to Hindu and Buddhist deities, and visiting national parks whose headwaters provide flowing life for so much of a vast region. From intricately carved architect

Mt. Everest has a universal appeal. It is the highest point on the planet. It also represents the physical aspect of the heights of human achievement. And though the summit has been reached thousands of times, climbers continue to scale this famous of all mountains, and trekkers visit the basecamps both north and south. See […]

Repository of Prosperity and Auspiciousness The Himalaya play a central role in Vedic mythology, revered as gods and the home of the gods. Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of food, giver of alms, and queen of the holy city of Varanasi on the river Ganges.  The Annapurna range divides the geography, history, and culture of […]