Trekking has taken over travel. But what is trekking? Trekking really just means to travel on foot. But often you’re going over rough terrain, with elevation gains, to experience natural landscapes and make authentic cultural connections with people and places. Another important distinction is that you’re traveling this way—rather than an out

One of the luxuries about trekking with Nomadic Expeditions—apart from our decades of expertise throughout Asia and world-class guides—is you are supported on your journey by local staff who help carry supplies, set up camp and prepare meals. This is trekking of the highest order, allowing you to focus entirely on the beautiful surroundings and

Mt. Everest has a universal appeal. It is the highest point on the planet. It also represents the physical aspect of the heights of human achievement. And though the summit has been reached thousands of times, climbers continue to scale this famous of all mountains, and trekkers visit the basecamps both north and south. See […]