We at Nomadic Expeditions are pleased to update our community of individuals invested in raptor conservation and sustainable travel on the progress of our Golden Eagle Conservation Project in partnership with the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia (WSCC) which studies the golden eagle population in western Mongolia and contributes

Nomadic Expeditions, the award-winning eco-tourism company specialized in luxury adventure travel to Mongolia and beyond, was founded with a belief that travel makes the world a better place when it is based upon environmentally-friendly practices, supports the protection of cultural and natural heritage...

Dr. Dick Litwin, traveler with a heart of compassion This week we would like to highlight the wonderful work of Dr Richard Litwin MD and his wife Judith. Their selfless efforts toward restoring vision have had a positive impact on thousands of people in the developing world. Nomadic Expeditions organizes travel for more than those […]

By Myrna Ann Adkins, Denver Lions Our group of six Denver Lions volunteers who had planned and would carry out the 2018 Eyesight Project arrived in Mongolia at midnight after a full day of travel. Despite the challenges of getting six suitcases of recycled eyeglasses through customs, and the exhaustion from the long trip, the welcome […]

Enriching lives. Protecting places. This phrase features prominently on the front cover of our brochure and the home page of our website because it encapsulates what we try to do at Nomadic Expeditions. We offer unrivaled travel experiences while striving to leave our destinations better off than when we arrived. To that end, Nomadic Expeditions [&