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Mongolian Performing Arts Students Take Once in a Lifetime Trip

Mongolian Performing Arts Students Take Once in a Lifetime Trip

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Mongolian Performing Arts Students Take Once in a Lifetime Trip

Enriching lives. Protecting places.

This phrase features prominently on the front cover of our brochure and the home page of our website because it encapsulates what we try to do at Nomadic Expeditions. We offer unrivaled travel experiences while striving to leave our destinations better off than when we arrived.

To that end, Nomadic Expeditions has long supported the performing arts program at Khankhongor soum high school and shared its students’ musical performances with our travelers. We have done so to keep these children connected to their heritage and, as a result, to ensure that Mongolia’s rich arts and culture are preserved for future generations.

Earlier this year, when the opportunity to send a group from the program to the Antalya International Youth Festival in Turkey, we jumped at it. We could think of no better way to live out our tagline than to provide these young students this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The group of 10 musicians and dancers did indeed take part, performing in two showcases and two parades, and shone a spotlight on traditional Mongolian performing arts in the process. The children were also given the chance to explore a new country, to learn about cultures other than their own, and to live firsthand the values of sharing, friendship, love, and respect at the heart of the festival.

The teachers who traveled with the group–Mr. Tuyakhuu, the director of the school’s cultural center and Mrs. Ayush, a dance teacher at the school–shared what that experience meant to them.

“Promoting traditional Mongolian performing arts and showcasing the talent of these children in this international festival was the highlight of our 48 combined years in the arts. We were delighted to have participated.”

They wanted to thank those who made the trip possible.

“We really appreciate Nomadic Expeditions and Jalsa Urubshurow, Undraa Buyannemekh, and Buyantogtokh for their continued support for Khankhongor soum arts school students.

“Given the lack of funding for the arts sector, this support is very crucial and inspired and motivated these talented children.”

The teachers said the Mongolian folk art vividly stood out among performances from other countries and fellow participants were excited to see what the kids from Khankhongor had to share.

For their part, the students were also very appreciative of all the firsts and new experiences in Turkey.

“It was a great pleasure to meet children from another part of the world and to understand their feelings through the arts. This was our very first experience traveling abroad and the first time in our lives we visited the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

“We were privileged to be invited to participate in the international festival and be able to fascinate the audience with Mongolian folk songs, music, dances, and performances.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Nomadic Expeditions.”

Nomadic Expeditions would also like to thank the select group of past travelers who generously donated to the cause. Know that your contribution went a long way to help make this experience happen.