Trekking has taken over travel. But what is trekking? Trekking really just means to travel on foot. But often you’re going over rough terrain, with elevation gains, to experience natural landscapes and make authentic cultural connections with people and places. Another important distinction is that you’re traveling this way—rather than an out

We at Nomadic Expeditions are pleased to update our community of individuals invested in raptor conservation and sustainable travel on the progress of our Golden Eagle Conservation Project in partnership with the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia (WSCC) which studies the golden eagle population in western Mongolia and contributes

As peoples from the Indus Valley Civilization (3300 – 1300 BC) expanded north they founded settlements in the Kathmandu Valley. Today the capital of Kathmandu bears gorgeous remnants of those small medieval kingdoms. Once a key stop along the ancient Salt Route, Kathmandu thrives still as a confluence of culture, a gateway to the Himalaya, and a

Having summited numerous peaks above 8,000 meters, (Super) Phula Sherpa is one of the most significant resources available to trekkers planning high-altitude Himalayan treks, and he eagerly participates in the Everest Clean Up Campaign to give back to the land that he loves. Born in the area of Jantarkhani in Nepal's eastern region, he began his pr

Ever wanted to know more about the Sherpa guides who facilitate treks and climbs to Himalaya wonders? Curious to know their favorite places in Nepal and what their everyday life is like? Our friend (Super) Phula Sherpa was kind enough to share his story and insights from a significant amount of time living and climbing at high altitudes.

Proudly from the state of Rajasthan, Shaitan Singh Rathore is from an agricultural family. The family holds more than 300 acres of land and keeps cows and buffalos for milk and butter. Growing up in this proud land of Rajasthan and hearing stories from his grandfather, he always wanted to showcase his culture to people visiting this state, and this

While the vastly different regions of India present a range of climates—from the arid western deserts to the humid southwestern rainforests—Winter finds India blissfully temperate. From simply sightseeing to taking in festivals, wildlife, and cruising the tranquil rivers—the holiday months are a heavenly time to visit.   Weather The traditio

Naadam means to come together as one and have a celebration. A spectacle of pageantry and cultural performances, the centerpiece of this journey will lift your spirits and fill your heart. Bear witness to the height of these competitions during the nation’s largest Naadam Games in the capital of Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolia’s Centuries-Old Festival of Competition Festivals are more than just a celebration; they are a way to honor one’s traditions and history. However, some festivals are woven into the identity of a place. Holi in India. Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico. And, Naadam in Mongolia. Held annually in the summertime, Naadam is celebrated across [&he

Mongolia proudly has five such sites, with another 12 on the tentative list. Ranging from relatively small monument sites to vast tracts of natural landscape, these locations embody Mongolia’s heritage as our legacy and key to our past—places we absolutely must pass on to future generations—irreplaceable cultural and natural sources of life a

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has placed eight sites on the tentative list for the small Himalayan nation of Bhutan. UNESCO designates places as unique and diverse as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the grand cathedrals of Europe—and it is only a matter of time before

Although technically an autonomous region of China, Tibet has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as home to three World Heritage Sites. All of which may be found in the capital city of Lhasa—plus one Tentative listing, the Yalong region, which is the cradle of Tibetan culture. The thre

Visiting Nepal’s four UNESCO World Heritage Sites is like traveling backwards in time—seeing the birthplace of Lord Buddha, touring the ancient monuments of long-ago dynasties dedicated to Hindu and Buddhist deities, and visiting national parks whose headwaters provide flowing life for so much of a vast region. From intricately carved architect

Then there is the lifetime of expertise of the travel expert who has not only been to a place but guided numerous tours to and throughout the region. Experts who have contacts not only in-country but along the routes they tour. They know their roster of destinations like the back of their hand. Their degree of knowledge would certainly be enjoyable

The colorful and vibrant festivals of India have the dramatic effect of allowing travelers to gain a better perspective of one’s own identity by deeply discovering and experiencing another culture. Far from superficial, the festivals of India revolve around celebrations of life itself, harvest times, seasonal changes, anniversaries of deities, an

Nomadic Expeditions, the award-winning eco-tourism company specialized in luxury adventure travel to Mongolia and beyond, was founded with a belief that travel makes the world a better place when it is based upon environmentally-friendly practices, supports the protection of cultural and natural heritage...

By virtue of India’s tremendous diversity and depth of culture, many of its most exceptional experiences remain little known. For those with India on your bucket list, here are ten of this land’s innumerable treasures that richly deserve to be woven into your itineraries. Hampi Temples The sacred temples of Hampi are a major pilgrimage [&hellip

One of the luxuries about trekking with Nomadic Expeditions—apart from our decades of expertise throughout Asia and world-class guides—is you are supported on your journey by local staff who help carry supplies, set up camp and prepare meals. This is trekking of the highest order, allowing you to focus entirely on the beautiful surroundings and

Mongolian Eagle Hunting: Sport of the Khans For more than a thousand years, the nomadic people of western Mongolia have practiced this ancient art of golden eagle falconry by train