No one can say for sure when the art form of throat singing began. The historical records mention it as early as the Han Dynasty, between 206 – 220 BC. Throat singing then appears in Chinese texts dating in 92 AD. From these accounts, we learn that the northern barbarians who worshipped the wolves sang […]

India: Beyond the Taj Mahal  *This is the second in our series on exploring destinations in India beyond the Taj Mahal. You wouldn’t go to Paris and skip the Eiffel Tower, so while we agree that the Taj Mahal is certainly a must-see at both dawn and dusk, there is so much more to India […]

The Flaming Cliffs: Why It’s a Must-See When Visiting Mongolia  You will likely never forget your visit to the Flaming Cliffs in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. This stunning setting is the stuff of ad campaigns and holiday card photos, but it’s so much more than (just) a beautiful place. Long before the discovery of the world’s […]

Mt. Everest has a universal appeal. It is the highest point on the planet. It also represents the physical aspect of the heights of human achievement. And though the summit has been reached thousands of times, climbers continue to scale this famous of all mountains, and trekkers visit the basecamps both north and south. See […]

Dr. Dick Litwin, traveler with a heart of compassion This week we would like to highlight the wonderful work of Dr Richard Litwin MD and his wife Judith. Their selfless efforts toward restoring vision have had a positive impact on thousands of people in the developing world. Nomadic Expeditions organizes travel for more than those […]

Repository of Prosperity and Auspiciousness The Himalaya play a central role in Vedic mythology, revered as gods and the home of the gods. Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of food, giver of alms, and queen of the holy city of Varanasi on the river Ganges.  The Annapurna range divides the geography, history, and culture of […]

There are few greater luxuries in life than spending time with family, and nothing brings the family together quite like exploring a new destination together. Travel provides so many opportunities for meaningful interactions and memory-making experiences. Whether you’re seeing the world through the unfiltered lens of a young child’s eyes or gra

By Myrna Ann Adkins, Denver Lions Our group of six Denver Lions volunteers who had planned and would carry out the 2018 Eyesight Project arrived in Mongolia at midnight after a full day of travel. Despite the challenges of getting six suitcases of recycled eyeglasses through customs, and the exhaustion from the long trip, the welcome […]

Enriching lives. Protecting places. This phrase features prominently on the front cover of our brochure and the home page of our website because it encapsulates what we try to do at Nomadic Expeditions. We offer unrivaled travel experiences while striving to leave our destinations better off than when we arrived. To that end, Nomadic Expeditions [&

It’s not often you hear the word Gobi without the word desert attached: the image of a barren, lifeless place of endless billowing sand dunes is firmly affixed to the term desert in the mind of the general public.

Lake Hovsgol Feb 19, 2007 — Beginnings The road from Moron to Lake Hovsgol is more the suggestion of a pathway for vehicles than a highway. Deeply frozen ruts, mostly, interspersed with rocky patches. The two-and-a-half hour trip becomes smoother once we reach the lake, as the lake turns into the highway. It begins to […]